My 2012 UFO List

NOTE:  As I complete each UFO, I add a link to the post with the finished project.
As I did some jockeying at the end of the year, here is the final list of my UFOs:

1.  Alligator quilt  [circa 2004 from 2011 list]  – [FEBRUARY – Completed 6/18/2012 ]  
2.  Hawaiian pillow [from 2011 list] – [MAY  – STILL in Progress ] 
3.  Horse quilt [circa 2007] – [JULY  – STILL in Progress ]
4.  String quilt [started 2011] – [DECEMBER Completed  August 2012]
5.  Orca Bay [started late 2011]  – [JANUARY Completed 1/31/2012]
6. QOV #1 [2011] – [OCTOBER Completed 1/13/2012]
7.  QOV #2 [2011] [AUGUST – Completed 1/13/2012]
8.  Lizz’s purse [2011] – Completed 1/3/2012 [MARCH – Already Done!]  
9.  Gadget Challenge quilt [2011] [NOVEMBER  – Will not be completed in 2012 ]
10.  Found while cleaning:  feathered star added 1/7/2012  [APRIL GIVEAWAY 4/10/2012]   
11.  Found while cleaning:  retreat project whole cloth 1/7/2012  [SEPTEMBER – Completed 9/29/12]
12.   Will choose an unfinished item from the list above if this number is drawn [JUNE Done]

Ideally, I want to finish them all.  Realistically, well I HAVE to do #6, 7, and 8.  and would take at least 2 of the first 3.  And I have commited myself to working on #9, although I could probably only get the top done in 2012.  Apparently, I have taken the gadget challenge alone, although there are a few more days to sign up–until January 5.  Even if I do it all alone, I hope that some of you will be inspired to open that drawer (or closet, or storage box) full of gadgets and use some of yours!

Any progress is good–right?  What about you?  are you setting reasonable goals for yourself in 2012?


10 thoughts on “My 2012 UFO List

  1. I got thinking on the Gaget challenge… so I dug out all my rulers and Yes, have most of the directions on how to use them.. and will try to use them as they were intented.. I will let you know how this comes out, as I am the director of the block of month at our quild … could be fun! Ladibug

  2. I have a list of my Gagets. I am planning on using one a month and I will send you a picture of the square or top I make. i don’t have a blog so I will try to send you a comment when you post about yours. Have a good one. Jessie

  3. “Reasonable”goals is the key! For me, I have created spreadsheets which include both the reasonable and pie in the sky. And forced myself to somewhat rank the items. I think that is a good start to wading through and keeping perspective on what I hope to accomplish from a sewing perspective this year

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