Stash Report 2012 – Week 2

This week I did lots of sewing on Orca Bay, but most of the yardage there had already been cut and counted.  Except for some border cutting. and then there was the roundabout bag I made for my daughter.  She has started using it already, so I guess she likes it.

Now here’s the bad news!  While looking for some stuff in my sewing room I came across two (TWO!)  UFOs that I had completely forgotten I had.  One of them is many, many, many years old.  The other was from a class this fall.  I intended to finish it right when I got home, but didn’t.  I added them to my UFO list.  I am somewhat chagrined that my UFO list now contains 11 UFOs.  I have been trying for years to get that list down and was so happy that I had it down to single digits.  And now….well, not so much.  Of course, I have completed the bag, so I currently have 10 unfinished.  When looking at my UFO list, I tend to knock the “easiest to finish” ones.  So that leaves the ones that have so much work left to do on them….which also explains why several of them are very old.

Busted this Week:                    2.50
Busted year to Date:              3.75
Stashed this Week:                     0
Stashed Year to Date:               0

Net Stashed for 2011:    3.25
2012 Goal:                + /- 25.00

To see more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


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