Alligator II: Long Time Coming

In 2005, I entered a quilt into the Paducah show entitled “The Alligator from the Great Northwest”.  It was a drawing I made of an alligator after returning from Alaska (my daughter let me use her charcoals to make the drawing).  I styled my drawing after the artwork of the Indian tribes there.  I found the primitive artwork and simple red and black colors striking.

My Paducah quilt was actually my 2nd alligator quilt.  The center of this quilt was the first one.  I had not finished the machine applique, and it had no borders.  It has been on my UFO list since 2004.  But now, it no longer is.  I plan to enter it in our quilt guild show in October.

It is entirely freehand quilted.  The tumblers are all pieced with anywhere from 3-5 strips each.  That tumbler border took approximately 40 hours to piece.

I’m marking this one off my list now.


8 thoughts on “Alligator II: Long Time Coming

  1. That is AMAZING! LOVE it! Let us know when it becomes a pattern, I would LOVE to have it! I am into reptiles and amphibians….what can I say….

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