UFO # 11 Completed

Yesterday we took a drive to see my son for a few hours.  We took him a few garage sale finds:  A couple of porch rockers and table, a set of TV trays, microwave splatter cover.  We also helped him with a bit of maintenance:  brought him some replacement filters for the condo–they are an odd size.  Helped him get the leaves that were stuck under the screening on the porch by using a leaf blower and blowing them out.  My husband helped him adjust the front door a bit.  And of course, we took him to lunch and then swung by Wal-Mart to buy some cleaning stuff for his shower.  Yuck–who wants to use the shower when the floor looks like that?!

On the whole his place was pretty clean–especially since two single guys live there.

On the drive, there and back I turned the binding on UFO #11.  This small whole cloth piece (with lots and lots of quilting on it).

That leaves 3 UFOS:  The Hawaiian pillow quilt (top is now done!), the Horses quilt (the back and batting for this are on the frame, but the top itself–not so much), and the Gadget Challenge quilt.  Well, that one won’t get done this year–I will be doing challenges all year and some of the gadgets I’ve done have gone into other quilts.  So at present, I only have about 3 or 4 blocks.  (For example, I did chisels in my Hearts quilt and tumblers in my Alligator quilt).  I still cannot believe that is finished after nearly EIGHT YEARS!   This challenge has really helped me clean out my old UFOs and I am glad for it.

Only two more and I can start making new UFOs.

Hope you did something fun this last week!


4 thoughts on “UFO # 11 Completed

  1. I love the whole cloth quilt project! You’ve done a terrific job!

    (And I’m JEALOUS! wish I had ONLY 3 more quilt projects to do! Guess I’ll be working on UFOs in the year 2100!!!!)

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