The 2012 Gadget Challenge

This year I am challenging myself to use my gadgets. These can be anything you have purchased to make block construction simpler. An Accuquilt die, a ruler, a template. The choice is yours.

Rules are simple:  You identify the gadgets you want to use.  The Goal is 12.  You can play with as few as 6, counting each one twice.  If you have a number somewhere between 6 and 9, select certain tools to use more than once until you have 12 “uses”.

Each month on the first, you select a gadget of the month.  You can do this however you please.  Once you use your gadget, you may not use it on a subsequent month (unless that particular tool/gadget is specified for more than one use).  So if you select your Accuquilt Go! 2.5 inch strip die in January, it doesn’t count in February.  You may use 12 different dies, if you have listed them.  You may change your list if needed during the year.   (Note:  This is not really intended as permission for your buying new gadgets and subbing them on the list.  It is actually in case you run across an older one and guilt yourself into putting it on the list.  That is actually the preferred use of this list!)

From your tool of choice, make one 12.5 inch block.  That’s it!  Just one.  If you prefer, you can do a complete project.  My goal is to use 1 tool a month and make 12 blocks and then construct a quilt top from them.  If the tool will NOT make a 12.5 inch block (perhaps a double-wedding ring template), then just make a block or unit.  You can use that unit on the back, or alter your setting to accomodate it.

But the idea here is that if you do it correctly, at the end of the year you will have a 12 block sampler of your rulers, gadgets, and dies.  If you want to participate, please sign up by using the tool or leaving a comment.

This challenge is primarily for self-edication and fun, but I will draw a prize at year end from all my participants! I am planning on a fat quarter collection for the winner.  So sign up below.  If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment that you are in!  If you have a blog, I suggest you post your proposed list of gadgets for the challenge there.

For my list (unless I find older gadgets I think I need to use), I have:

  1. Drunkard’s path ruler replaced with Chisel die (DONE in July)
  2. Winding Ways die
  3. Double-wedding ring die  (DONE  September)
  4. Tumbler Die  (DONE  February)
  5. Creative Curves Ruler replaced with Paw print Die (DONE in May)
  6. X-blocks ruler (DONE:  March)
  7. Doggy Die (DONE in May for April)
  8. Flowers Die (DONE in August)
  9. Wave Ruler
  10. Circles Die (DONE in July for June)
  11. Ribbon Die
  12. 2 1/2 inch strip die (DONE:  January)

Wish me luck on using all these gadgets this year and more!


3 thoughts on “The 2012 Gadget Challenge

  1. I am way behind on this, but I would like to take this challenge! I really do want to use some of the tools I have been collecting and I think this is a great way to put some discipline into it. I don’t have a blog, but here is my list
    1 groovin piping trimming tool
    2 1″ Strip die
    3 Lazy Angle Ruler
    4 Heather Feather die
    5 fancy frame ruler
    6 5/7 Sewing revolution ruler
    7 Pomegranate die
    8 Dog and kitty dies
    9 Triangle in square die
    10 60 degree ruler
    11 EZ Dresden ruler
    12 Serger cording foot

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