UFO #4 Complete

I have been horrible about reporting things of late.  It has been a difficult summer for me to concentrate on everything going on in my life.   Just lots of family stuff that has worn me down–kids moving here and there (my son moved twice, my daughter about to move, her fiance moved here briefly).  Work, of course, has been extremely busy and complicated by extra duties I took on when a coworker was ill.  Then, there was the great poison ivy outbreak of 2012, and later everyone descending on my home–including a half-trained puppy.  Nope, nothing going on in my life.

But taking an assessment of where I am for the upcoming quilt show–as well as the eternal question “how can I get my sewing room organized better”, I found I had finished a UFO that I don’t see reported anywhere–my puppy quilt.  Also known on my UFO list as my string quilt (number 4).  The number on this quilt hasn’t breen drawn, I just wanted to finish it for the local quilt show.  I quilted the string blocks with freehand feathers, and stippled around the puppies and the pawprints.  I’m sure the judges will be harsh on my quilting.  It looks amateurish compared to the professional computerized quilting that so many quilts will be sporting.  But it’s all mine.

So score one for complete.  I intend this one for my bed.  I just don’t want my dogs to lay on it.  Is that wrong?


6 thoughts on “UFO #4 Complete

  1. I don’t understand how people can let pets on their quilts. I like animals, but shudder every time I see a quilt with a dog or cat on it, esp dogs.I love your quilt! Your summer sounds like mine, except I got a little vacation time between a new grand daughter and my daughter moving across the country.

  2. I found you! Now you have a stalker! 🙂
    Thanks for posting your blog addy with your string finishes on the Mystery group’s message board 🙂 I have been working on your mysteries since…. #22, I think!
    Adorable finish here.

  3. Cute! I agree with Sharon Downey – human effort over machine any day! Love the string block, pups and paws! They all work so nicely together. I just did a little demo with a make & take using the same pup at my local quilt shop. May I share your quilt with the group?

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