Stash Report 2012 – Week 1

Well, starting off my year with a little buying–I hit an after Christmas clearance sale.  This year my target will be + or – 25 yards net.  I will report my net number as “busted” in green if I have busted my stash.  If I have stashed more than I used, I will report my net number as “stashed” in red.  Here is my first week:

Busted this Week:                  1.25
Busted year to Date:              1.25
Stashed this Week:                7.00
Stashed Year to Date:           7.00

Net Stashed for 2011:    5.75
2012 Goal:                + /- 25.00

To see more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


4 thoughts on “Stash Report 2012 – Week 1

  1. Good target for the year. I’m usually good on the buying until the first quilt show, which is in January, so I’m not that good!


  2. I bought the Christmas sales too. But I counted it as 2011 stash as there was no way to be in the black last year anyway. Good luck with your goals.

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