About Nancy

Wife, mother, accountant (sort of), dog-lover, professional quality worrier and obsesser, and quilter.  But not necessarily in that order.

Love patchwork quilting and love applique too (just hate how much time it takes to do it well).  Love scrap quilting and love creating mystery quilts.  I run a mystery quilting group on Yahoo that is a “virtual quilt guild” donating quilts to wounded service men and women:  MysteryQuilts4Military

Transplanted to a new city, new state and since I have no friends where I live now (yet), I am sending my thoughts out into hyperspace.


15 thoughts on “About Nancy

  1. Hello Nancy. I have done several of your mystery quilts and LOVE them. I am not very good about posting photos or even writing. I live in Pinehurst, NC and understand you are now living in NC. I wonder if you are close to me. I also have strong ties to SC in that I met my husband when we were both living in Charleston and now have a small second home there.

    I hate the fact that things have changed with QoVF. I will continue making quilts for our warriors, but am not sure the venue.

    I would love to hear from you.

    Ellene Place

  2. Hi Nancy. I’ve made several mysteries and sent them off through QOV. I’ve wondered just what happened with your relationship with them, but whatever it is, so be it. Last year when you knew you would be moving to NC, you sent me an email wondering where I live. I responded that it is Hendersonville, in the western mountains, 15 miles south of Asheville. Where did you end up? I read your blog for the first time today when you said on the Yahoo message that you had taken a photo of the back of Maltese Star. Of course I had to look. I pray for you and your husband that you are well settled in. This has been a winter to forget…I hate snow. I live alone after my honey died 1 1/2 years ago. Have a wonderful dog, chow mix named Princess, who keeps me company. I quilt a lot of the time, make quilts of valor, other charity quilts, crisis pregnancy, Linus, Hospice. Guess I’ve run out of room. I’ll sign up for your blog. Nancy

  3. And I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, accountant (retired), dog-lover, professional quality worrier and obsesser, and quilter. And not necessarily in that order. ha! I’m glad I found your blog.

  4. Hi Nancy. I too am a NC transplant as of almost 5 years. We moved here from northern Illinois so trust me-even though everyone is complaining about this winter here it is a piece of cake compared to the weather my friends in Illinois are having this year. I have been away from quilting for some time and I am returning. I just discovered Bonnie Hunter recently and I am looking forward to depleting my stash so I can store it all in one room. Like Nancy R. I too lost my dear husband this past September and it was quite a shock but as they say, “life goes on”. So, I am going to turn to my sewingroom as my therapy. Looking forward to reading more of your blog today and the future. I almost forgot, I live in Charlotte.

    Happy Quilting!!!!

  5. I did forget to mention that I just purchased the accuquilt GO and I am looking forward to learning how to use it and put it to work!

  6. Hi, Nancy,

    I’m not an accountant…but everything else in your description of yourself fits me as well. We have a lot of the same interests.

    What part of NC do you live in? I live in the Triangle/Triad area – between Burlington and Durham/Chapel Hill. If you’re near there, perhaps we will run into each other at some local quilt classes or guild meetings.

    I’ve just found your blog, but am enjoying reading the back “issues”.

    Take care,

    Bonnie Gale

  7. Hi Nancy,

    I live in Cary. It certainly is a wrench to move to another state, we did it four years ago. But I’m really enjoying the southern life (except maybe the heat) and have found new friends through quilting. Life is good. 🙂


  8. Hi,
    I just found your blog (from a Stashbuster post) and think we must have been separated at birth! I, too, am a dog lover, quilter (or at least a wannabe: I’m still pretty new at this, but I’ve definitely been bitten by the bug!), and at times, world class worrier!
    I’m not ready for the gadget challenge, but if I were participating, I’d put my walking foot and darning foot on the list for sure. I’ve done a lot so far this year with the walking foot, and am about to try practicing with the darning foot.
    I’m looking forward to reading your blog and checking in on you from time to time.

  9. I’ve enjoyed the QOV mystery quilts. If you find it easilier to use the blog then do it ! I do not have time to actually do the piecing. I’ve forwarded most of my RWB and patriotic fabric to another group for veterns quilting. I am a longarmer so following the mysteries is fun. I get to plan ahead how to quilt the pieced quilts. So, thanks, Tamara in Bremerton WA

  10. Hi Nancy! Welcome to NC. I live in Trinity, NC. and you will find that there
    are a lot of quilters across NC and several good quilt guilds you can join.
    High Point just started one in January and I think it is going to be fun group
    of ladies. If anyone is interested, I will be glad to forward you the info on
    the next meeting and would love to have you come and visit.

  11. Lori, Please see the Gadget Challenge category (on the right under post categories). That will probably answer a lot of questions.

  12. Nancy, I saw your picture of the stuffed bears and was wondering where your pattern came from. I started one for my new granddaughter but having problems with the feet. It was a pattern from a blog and she no longer answers any questions about the pattern. Just curious and thought I may be able to revise the legs/ feet so I can get this finished. BTW I read you blog all the time and love it. I too am an accountant. It sometimes gets in the way of being able to quilt. LOL But I have to earn a living so I can keep purchasing fabrics. Thanks for the great blog.

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