State of the Stash

I published at the end of July that I was going “no buy” until I reached 100 yards used or until a year had passed….whichever was first.  So I have made some backings and started assembling some blocks that I had set back for Hospice and added borders.

Net usage for August:  21.50  Yards!*

*I did get a small gift of about 1/3 yard.
*And some projects are not finished yet, but the fabric is “committed”

But I definitely made some progress.  Here is one of the backings I made using blacks/charcoal grays:


Which I think compliments the scrappy top.  The top is not counted in my fabric usage.  I think I counted it last year, so…..not now.  Only counting what I’m SURE isn’t counted.


The good thing about this is that I also am finishing some of these tops.  The quilt above and the one from my previous post are done and bound.  Another quilt that I made last summer (picture on next post, I promise), I also made a backing for, quilted, and am working on the binding.

The bad part is, once I’ve completed these quilts, and my hospice quilts, that usage is going to slow down quite a bit….but we’ll see how creative I can get then!


Quilt Show A-Comin’ !

031002I haven’t been updating this lately.  Too many life changes going on.  My son has moved to Florida, and I have been a bit sad.  I have been quilting a couple of quilts that are promised to our guild’s quilt show in October, including “The Voices Told me to”.  I have just completed quilting and binding this monster, which contains over 3,000 half square triangles.  The title of it was a toss up between Voices and “Bane of My Existence”, but I settled on the “voices” title.  I also completed  “Twisted Kitties”.

But as of yesterday, I have finally removed the last quilt for the show from the frame, and started attaching the binding.  I will have several that are display only–but I still want them to look nice.  Kitties will be display only–it’s nothing exciting, but it’s kind of cute.  I think as I get older, my work just isn’t as good.  Having a quilt show every year also seems to deplete my creativity.

Need to get back to binding Kitties.

Some Finishes and Starts

003001002Although I haven’t been posting, I have been getting some sewing done.  Enough that I can mark three quilts completely off my list.  They have now been quilted, bound, and labelled and will soon be on their way to their new homes.  The bears have already been shipped off.

They are:

  • Hawaiian Memories.  The pink and green quilt
  • Mystery 29 (Glint).  The red white and blue quilt
  • Along for the Ride.  The horse/rings quilt

I have another one from the same pattern as the red, white and blue in Red, yellow and cream.  It is awaiting quilting.

I have started a couple of quilts:

  • My mystery #30 Sample (Gettysburg)–currently being quilte,
  • My Piecable Retreat Mystery Sample (Framed)–currently being cut out.
  • I also made a couple of quick kids quilts for a charity, that are awaiting quilting.

Hopefully I’ll make some progress on them this weekend!

Current UFO list is:

  • Easy Street
  • Red yellow and cream Glint
  • Row by Row
  • Piecable Retreat mystery sample (Framed)
  • Mystery 30 (Gettysburg)
  • kid’s charity quilt #1
  • kid’s charity quilt #2
  • Some orphan blocks to be scattered on backs or whaterver

I was out of town for 10 days and next week will be out of town again.  Life sure has been busy right now!

Reckoning #2 2013 UFOs

I was very successful with my UFOs in 2012.  Of the 9 UFOs, I listed, I finished all but these:

0022.  Hawaiian pillow  [circa 2005]   (picture right)

I took the original pillow pattern, set it on point, added some flourishes, then put rows of blocks around it.  It made it to my quilting frame in November.  It’s still there.  I messed up an entire row of quilting.  I took out about half of it before the holidays and the busy season at work hit.  Perhaps soon….
0033.  Horse Quilt [circa 2007] (picture right)

If you look closely you can see the horses in the fabric toward the center.  This one has been quilted, bound, and now awaits a label.  I want to do some embellishment on it, but just can’t figure out exactly how I would do it.  So it sits.  Was meant as a present for my daughter.  She was not enthusiastic about it while home over Christmas.

9.  Gadget Challenge quilt [2011] (not pictured, for pictures, see

So I started messing with the gadget challenge at the end of 2011/start of 2012.  I have 4 blocks that I made.  The rest of the stuff went into other projects.  Therefore , I declare this just a series of orphan blocks which will now find their way onto the back of some upcoming quilts

003NEW UFO: Easy Street (picture right)

Since moving to North Carolina, I have participated in each of Bonnie Hunter’s annual mysteries.  This year, Easy Street, I got way behind.  Not too crazy about the colors I chose (orange, green, yellow, violet). But the top is almost complete, as of today.

rowbyrowNEW UFO: Row Robin (picture right)

My fall themed row robin which was returned to me in August.  I have parked this in the box in which it travelled.  It has been out only a couple of times to show friends.

NEW UFO: another mystery quilt (no picture)

My 29th mystery on was completed and quilted and set off.  The duplicate one I made (in another colorway) has yet to be quilted and bound.  And I can’t believe it, but I don’t have a picture.  It is cream, gold and red.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT,  those are all the UFOs I have–only 6.   I do have some orphan blocks, but have decided that I will do something with them this year–disassemble, destroy, give away, or use on the backs of quilt.

Any ideas for finishing the above?   I’m listening…..


Post script–actually it’s only 5 UFOs since I have declared the gadget blocks as orphans I will disperse elsewhere.

UFO # 11 Completed

Yesterday we took a drive to see my son for a few hours.  We took him a few garage sale finds:  A couple of porch rockers and table, a set of TV trays, microwave splatter cover.  We also helped him with a bit of maintenance:  brought him some replacement filters for the condo–they are an odd size.  Helped him get the leaves that were stuck under the screening on the porch by using a leaf blower and blowing them out.  My husband helped him adjust the front door a bit.  And of course, we took him to lunch and then swung by Wal-Mart to buy some cleaning stuff for his shower.  Yuck–who wants to use the shower when the floor looks like that?!

On the whole his place was pretty clean–especially since two single guys live there.

On the drive, there and back I turned the binding on UFO #11.  This small whole cloth piece (with lots and lots of quilting on it).

That leaves 3 UFOS:  The Hawaiian pillow quilt (top is now done!), the Horses quilt (the back and batting for this are on the frame, but the top itself–not so much), and the Gadget Challenge quilt.  Well, that one won’t get done this year–I will be doing challenges all year and some of the gadgets I’ve done have gone into other quilts.  So at present, I only have about 3 or 4 blocks.  (For example, I did chisels in my Hearts quilt and tumblers in my Alligator quilt).  I still cannot believe that is finished after nearly EIGHT YEARS!   This challenge has really helped me clean out my old UFOs and I am glad for it.

Only two more and I can start making new UFOs.

Hope you did something fun this last week!

UFO Reckoning

Looking at What Judy ( chose ast this month’s UFO, I did a little UFO reckoning.  Over the past several years, I have been whittling down my UFOs.  At present I have only TWO long-term UFOs.  One from about 2002, the other from about 2005.  The other one is only about year old.  That’s right, I have THREE UFOs.  Lots of orphan blocks, but not so many UFOs.

This is great for someone who, a couple of years ago was in the 30s for her UFOs.  That was too many!  And it has taken me a while.  A couple I gave away, used for backings, etc., but I am now much more manageable.  Now, I have a couple of things I have started recently, but……I don’t count it as a UFO until it has sit for a few months.  And right now, I don’t seem to have any of those.

How about you?  Are you getting your UFOs under control?

Now I might think about looking at orphan blocks and some scraps……

Stash Report 2012 – Week 36

As I mentioned last week, life just keeps cutting out sewing time.  We decided to replace the car and had to do car shopping, as well as all the stuff that goes with it, including delivering it, and visiting two DMVs in 2 days.  The lawnmower is apparently unfixable as well.  Did I mention it was TWO YEARS OLD?  As of yet, we still don’t know whether that will covered by the extended warranty that we purchased.  Of course, it died 3 months after the warranty was out.  But the extended warranty from Lowe’s is supposed to cover it another year.  We shall see.

All that being said, I made it up to my room and sorted through some stuff to work on one of my UFOs–the Hawaiian pillow that was on my 2011 UFO list.  I have yet to decide what to do with it–I did put it on point and add a border so it’s now about 36 inches sqare–not a pillow anymore!  But I now have stacks of coordinating fabric surrounding it, hoping I will get some inspiration.

Busted this Week:         0
Busted year to Date:    129.25
Stashed this Week:       0
Stashed Year to Date:  113.75

Net Busted for 2011: 15.50<< Still within my goal>>> 2012 Goal: + /- 25.00

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