Orca Bay: Done!

When the UFO for the month of January at Patchwork Times was selected, I didn’t think I had a chance of finishing it.   I was still piecing Orca Bay, the mystery from Quiltville.  I completed piecing it and then quilted it using a pantograph, “Fay Flowers” from Urban Elementz.  And today, I put the last stitch in the binding.  Done!

While I think the effect is neat, I’m not sure that my color choices lent themselves well to this pattern.  How about you, did you make an Orca Bay quilt?


25 thoughts on “Orca Bay: Done!

  1. I think your quilt is very pretty. I, also used purple & green, but in different places. The big difference I see is the black really defines the pattern. Your purple softens the look. It’s just a different look from the other Orca’s and that’s not a bad thing.

  2. I like your colors. I think you just need to step away for a little. My OB is on hold. I have had so many other projects that have come between me and my OB. I am not crazy about the red, black and blue. That may be why I am not too concerned about getting back to it.

  3. I also think you need to take a step back. Those gold pieces look like stained glass on a sunday with the sun shining though and lighting up the whole jeweled window. Try looking at it hanging instead of on the floor.

  4. Your quilt looks great! It’s a long detailed journey but the results are rewarding. I saw your post on Quiltville site about Houston. If you get the chance, take it. I have been many times and we have always stayed at the Hyatt. Rooms are comfy and service has always been good. It is approx 5city blocks from the convention center and on the shuttle route. If the weather is nice it is a good way to work in a little exercise. Good restaurants nearby. Best to order your tickets online so you are all set to go. Hope you get the chance to go!
    Betty B.

  5. Lovely, and well DONE 🙂 I’m still assembling mine, has different colors, and I’ll be changing the borders, but as a mystery it was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the journey with so many others, thanks for being one of them. Sharyn

  6. You finished!? WOW! My top is done but with all those seams, I’m not looking forward to quilting it on my domestic machine. Might splurge and have it done. And IMO, anyone who uses different colors than what’s proscribed is ‘an original’! Great job!

  7. wow! I thought a project had to be past 9 months old to be a UFO 🙂 love your Orca Bay and from the smaller photos there seems to be some circular motions appearing in the whites. love it!! Congrats on getting it completed!

    Love from Indiana! ~bonnie

    • Hi Bonnie,
      No one ever told me how a UFO had to be to be a UFO. I thought there were not rules. In my version, it’s just stuff I started that isn’t done yet. It’s unfinished. Trying to whittle those down.

      The next I will be working on is about 8 years old. So if we averaged the age of my UFOs perhaps that would make you feel better!

  8. Your Orca Bay is very pretty. The final purple border really finishes it nicely. I’m working on one in the original color scheme but it will be a long while before it’s done.

  9. I know how you feel…LOL my UFO # 1 was Orca Bay so I had no choice but to keep on moving on it. I love your colors..mine are different too and it is nice to not be the same as most of them!

  10. Im just new to reading your blog…I love the quilt…it does indeed look like stained glass with the Orb Cross in it. And, only the colors that you used would do that. Lovely, indeed

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