Orca Bay: Many Points to Match

I did get started on the piecing for my Orca Bay (Bonnie Hunter mystery from Quiltville).  I must say that I liked my colors much better before I started putting it all together.  While Bonnie’s “primary” color is red, mine should be green.  But to me the green is lost.  Anyway, at this time, I have two full rows of stars and 2 full rows of sashing completely sewn together as one full unit.  In the picture I also have a full row of sashing and a partial row of stars.  These rows are sewn, but not attached to the first unit.  I also sewed together about 1/2 of one side of the border.  I am thinking an outer border will be necessary.

I am also participating in Judy Laquidara’s (Patchwork Times) UFO Challenge again.  Of course, she chose #5 for January–which in my case is Orca Bay.   Probably not going to get this one done in January.  In my case, I don’t have a lot of UFOs, but making the list each year and knowing I am responsible for knocking them off–and knowing I will be making a new list at the end of the year, well, that keeps me from going crazy.

How is your Orca Bay looking?


8 thoughts on “Orca Bay: Many Points to Match

  1. I think the reason the green gets lost is because purple and yellow a complimentary colors and thus overweigh the green. With red you need 5 parts of a different color to equal 1 part red (the painter in me can not shut up :-)). But it is a wonderfull quilt all the same.

  2. Your picture is the first one I clicked on, because it is different and was interesting to me. I hope you continue on and finish it, I really like it better than the others. It seems muted and motledy and mysterious! Thanks for posting it, I really like it.
    Christy Horton

  3. Looking good. I liked your color choices from the beginning and I applauded your individuality. Although it is hard to see so far, it may show up more when you get more of it together. Hang in there!

  4. I think it looks really calming…reminds me of nature..purple mountain majesty, an early morning sunrise, and the lush green earth…I think you did a great job!

  5. I agree with Rhonda above. Green may be “lost” but it all adds up to a final lovely quilt! Colors look one way up close and personal, but when all the colors are together, they team up into one great quilt! After all, it’s a scrap quilt. I’d take it any day!

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