Humpty Dumpty is Shattered

How do I put myself back together again? It wasn’t 2 weeks ago I was looking forward to many things. My son is getting married in a few weeks. But I was told, not quite 2 weeks ago  at work that my position was eliminated. There is nothing more central to the core of our being than what we do. And today, I am told that I do nothing, have no value, no intrinsic worth, no reason to exist.

It’s not personal, it’s business. Yet on this end of this nasty business there is a person. Today I have no value, no intrinsic worth, no reason to exist.

How does one put Humpty Dumpty back together again? Don’t tell me when one door shuts, another one opens. We all want that to be true, but it isn’t always. This is how we ended up in North Carolina–the same thing happened to my husband. At they same age I am now. I helped him revise his resume, apply for jobs, find contacts.

This time I’m in this hole alone. My husband has never been as supportive of my career as I have of his. But I don’t think I can put myself back together again by myself.  I have no value, no intrinsic worth, no reason to exist. Humpty Dumpty is shattered.  He was just a worthless shell anyway.

This is the part of the blog where I add the uplifting comments. Learn to live with disappointment.







5 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty is Shattered

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how my husband felt when his job was contracted out and he ended up taking early retirement. It will take time and you know the steps to take. In the mean time for your own sense of self worth I advise volunteering at least a couple of half or whole days a week. Either at your local library, animal shelter or senior citizens center. You are not worthless and there are many who could use your help. It will get you out of the house and in contact with other people. One of those people may be the link to a new job for you. Best wishes always.

  2. Back in 2002, I had to raise my hand, so that they would let me talk, so that I could quit (they wouldn’t fire me, but, they lied about me, even after others told them it wasn’t true). I found out later, than they wanted me gone so someone could give my job to his kid sister’s best friend. One month to the day later, my husband (along with over 2000 others, nation wide) was let go from his job. Neither of us felt we had much value, but, you have to go on. Hubby took the first job that came along, and, that’s how we are in Illinois. We survived last time, but, I don’t think we’d survive financially, if it happened again, since I can’t get a part time job here (other than retail, and I can’t stand for long periods of time, due to my feet). Take it one day at a time, and you DO have worth, they just don’t appreciate it. YOU are worth quite a lot. Remember that!

  3. How I wish that we could be identified by who we are as people, not the job we do. I pray that you find employment that helps you to maintain your lifestyle and self worth. For decades I defined myself by my job. Remember work is a 4 letter word. I retired and found myself. Those who choose to misuse a valuable employee will suffer the consequences. They don’t deserve to have you!

  4. Hang in there. It does get better. I think we all need a time to grieve when we are bashed, so take time for a bit. Then remember that there are lots of reasons why you are a wonderful person. It is a hard thing, we lost a business a few years ago and it was tough. I am so sorry.

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