Reckoning #2 2013 UFOs

I was very successful with my UFOs in 2012.  Of the 9 UFOs, I listed, I finished all but these:

0022.  Hawaiian pillow  [circa 2005]   (picture right)

I took the original pillow pattern, set it on point, added some flourishes, then put rows of blocks around it.  It made it to my quilting frame in November.  It’s still there.  I messed up an entire row of quilting.  I took out about half of it before the holidays and the busy season at work hit.  Perhaps soon….
0033.  Horse Quilt [circa 2007] (picture right)

If you look closely you can see the horses in the fabric toward the center.  This one has been quilted, bound, and now awaits a label.  I want to do some embellishment on it, but just can’t figure out exactly how I would do it.  So it sits.  Was meant as a present for my daughter.  She was not enthusiastic about it while home over Christmas.

9.  Gadget Challenge quilt [2011] (not pictured, for pictures, see

So I started messing with the gadget challenge at the end of 2011/start of 2012.  I have 4 blocks that I made.  The rest of the stuff went into other projects.  Therefore , I declare this just a series of orphan blocks which will now find their way onto the back of some upcoming quilts

003NEW UFO: Easy Street (picture right)

Since moving to North Carolina, I have participated in each of Bonnie Hunter’s annual mysteries.  This year, Easy Street, I got way behind.  Not too crazy about the colors I chose (orange, green, yellow, violet). But the top is almost complete, as of today.

rowbyrowNEW UFO: Row Robin (picture right)

My fall themed row robin which was returned to me in August.  I have parked this in the box in which it travelled.  It has been out only a couple of times to show friends.

NEW UFO: another mystery quilt (no picture)

My 29th mystery on was completed and quilted and set off.  The duplicate one I made (in another colorway) has yet to be quilted and bound.  And I can’t believe it, but I don’t have a picture.  It is cream, gold and red.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT,  those are all the UFOs I have–only 6.   I do have some orphan blocks, but have decided that I will do something with them this year–disassemble, destroy, give away, or use on the backs of quilt.

Any ideas for finishing the above?   I’m listening…..


Post script–actually it’s only 5 UFOs since I have declared the gadget blocks as orphans I will disperse elsewhere.


10 thoughts on “Reckoning #2 2013 UFOs

  1. I really like your Easy Street, those colours work well together! I have no hints for finishing things, my solution is always to do whatever is very easy and very quick 🙂

  2. Nancy! I love them all! Maybe your daughter will love the horses quilt once it is complete! Never know! I love Easy Street! The colors are perfect together! I have a granddaughter, Hannah, who turns 9 on January 17! She just saw that and said “oh Grammy she made a quilt with my colors all put together so beautiful!” You will get your quilting groove on! I love your set up! I am now doing research to get into purchasing longarm maching and table! Maybe even mid arm depends on what’s out there! Great job! I follow Judy and came over from her site!

  3. It’s UFO time and time for me to fess up about my lack of UFO work this week. Maybe I’m still mentally celebrating getting James’s quilt completely quilted that I haven’t yet realized that it still needs to be bound!

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