Lemoyne Potpouri

002I’ve always like Lemoyne stars, but I never liked having to cut the diamonds to make them.  So when I found a template to make them, the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Template, I had to buy it.  Of course, my obsessions with gadgets and rulers helped me decide, too.

I found it pretty easy to use, and set out to make one of every size.  I didn’t quite get there.  I made them in the following sizes:  12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 inch sizes.  Then I put them together in a top with a “scattered” look.  I am considering adding a border of small half star points–kind of like a crown all around.  I used a variety of reds and backgrounds for the project, making no two stars alike.

I liked the accuracy of the ruler and even used the fussy cut end–not to fussy cut, but instead, to use up scraps!  Tell me what you think!


Reckoning #1 Gadget Challenge

I was somewhat successful with my Gadget Challenge.  I managed to use 9 of the 12 gadgets I set out to use this year–with a couple of substitutions.  Of course, now I have some orphan blocks……but I will tuck them on a backing somewhere, so never fear.  Checking my challenge group, I had 4 photos other than myself.  Sharon, and then Janyce R (3 times).  When I view the page that is the order I see them in, so I assigned them 1-4 on left to right.  I used a random number generator to pick a number between 1 and 4 and it picked #4, so JanyceR, you are my winner!  Contact me for a prize!

I hope you were able to use some of those things you accumulated.  I accumulated a couple of more, and I also got rid of a few.  I’m going to see if I can do more on this front this year, although I have not posted a public challenge like last year.

How did you do?  Did you dig out some rulers, gadgets, etc. that you hadn’t used and give them a try?  What do you think?  Are you going to keep using them?  Or cut them loose?


Gadget Challenge – September

Last year I bought the Double Wedding Ring die  for my Accuquilt Studio cutter.  This last week I  unwrapped it and used it.

It was actually quite humorous as I was upstairs in my sewing loft and the five die set is wrapped quite well with paper, shrinkwrapped coverings and then taped together with shrink-wrapped tape.  As I was pulling the tape off it makes a weird sound–kind of like a jet engine.  After a few minutes of pulling off the tape, stopping, starting again, my husband yelled up to ask if I was making that noise.

Then I selected the fabrics, did the cutting and started piecing the arcs.  That was really not going well–they looked way too long for the melon pieces.  And then I realized I had used 2 extra arc pieces per arc.  Oops.

Took apart and repieced, and then for lack of something better to do with one, single double wedding ring block, I appliqued it on to a background to use with my other “test” gadget blocks.  Of which, I believe there are now 4.

As far as review, I feel like the arc seems a bit oversized and the next time I make this I will need to use a bit wider seam allowance with my arcs.  Of course, as always with accuquilt, one good thing is that the pieces are always the same exact size–you remove the cutting variances that can occur with rotary cutting.

Have you done any gadget challenge blocks/projeccts?  If so, upload a picture to the Flickr group and post a comment.

After year end, I plan to select a winner–excluding my own.  Which makes your odds pretty good, peeps!


UFO # 11 Completed

Yesterday we took a drive to see my son for a few hours.  We took him a few garage sale finds:  A couple of porch rockers and table, a set of TV trays, microwave splatter cover.  We also helped him with a bit of maintenance:  brought him some replacement filters for the condo–they are an odd size.  Helped him get the leaves that were stuck under the screening on the porch by using a leaf blower and blowing them out.  My husband helped him adjust the front door a bit.  And of course, we took him to lunch and then swung by Wal-Mart to buy some cleaning stuff for his shower.  Yuck–who wants to use the shower when the floor looks like that?!

On the whole his place was pretty clean–especially since two single guys live there.

On the drive, there and back I turned the binding on UFO #11.  This small whole cloth piece (with lots and lots of quilting on it).

That leaves 3 UFOS:  The Hawaiian pillow quilt (top is now done!), the Horses quilt (the back and batting for this are on the frame, but the top itself–not so much), and the Gadget Challenge quilt.  Well, that one won’t get done this year–I will be doing challenges all year and some of the gadgets I’ve done have gone into other quilts.  So at present, I only have about 3 or 4 blocks.  (For example, I did chisels in my Hearts quilt and tumblers in my Alligator quilt).  I still cannot believe that is finished after nearly EIGHT YEARS!   This challenge has really helped me clean out my old UFOs and I am glad for it.

Only two more and I can start making new UFOs.

Hope you did something fun this last week!

Gadget Challenge – August

Last year I bought the Studio Leaves and Flowers Die for my Accuquilt Studio cutter.  Today I unwrapped it and used it.  I am participating in a “row by row” quilt with my guild.  Eight of us started out by creating our own row, with our own theme (mine was “Fall”, which was not original–two other ladies chose the same theme) and then passed a box with our fabrics and quilt on to the next participant.  This is the 7th out of 8 quilt I have worked on.  The quilt’s theme is butterflies, and this month’s row theme was “nature”–obviously that worked out just fine with the quilt’s theme.

I decided to add a chain of flowers for my row, and the die worked perfectly.  And it also allowed me to check off one of my challenge gadgets.  Hooray!

July (late) Gadget Challenge

I did it, I just didn’t post it!  DUH!  So how will you ever know?  In fact, I already showed it to you on my Hearts Quilt post.  I used my Accucut chisel die to cut many of the hearts.  Of course, I didn’t make them ALL, so I didn’t cut them all, but the point of the challenge was to use a tool I wasn’t using.  I had only used the die once before.  To make a block.  So now, I’ve made a few more.

How about you, dig any of your tools out of your drawer/closets in July?  I know August is more than halfway over, but hey, if you did it, let’s celebrate it!


June (Late) Gadget Challenge Update

I still trying to complete my gadget challenge; even if it is all alone.  I made this Star Tablerunner.  It is a pattern by Backyard Quilts.

The Gadget I used is my Accuquilt Studio Circles Die to cut the circles behind the stars.    The circles I cut were five inches– about 1/8″ bigger than the pattern called for.  But–my circles were so perfect this way!  And my Studio had no trouble cutting through a very heavy wool fabric, with adhesive backing and paper.

Yes, this thing now needs to be quilted.  Any suggestions?  The pattern shows some crosshatching in red on the black background.  That just doesn’t appeal to me.  Please leave me a comment and tell me how you would quilt it.