State of the Stash

I published at the end of July that I was going “no buy” until I reached 100 yards used or until a year had passed….whichever was first.  So I have made some backings and started assembling some blocks that I had set back for Hospice and added borders.

Net usage for August:  21.50  Yards!*

*I did get a small gift of about 1/3 yard.
*And some projects are not finished yet, but the fabric is “committed”

But I definitely made some progress.  Here is one of the backings I made using blacks/charcoal grays:


Which I think compliments the scrappy top.  The top is not counted in my fabric usage.  I think I counted it last year, so…..not now.  Only counting what I’m SURE isn’t counted.


The good thing about this is that I also am finishing some of these tops.  The quilt above and the one from my previous post are done and bound.  Another quilt that I made last summer (picture on next post, I promise), I also made a backing for, quilted, and am working on the binding.

The bad part is, once I’ve completed these quilts, and my hospice quilts, that usage is going to slow down quite a bit….but we’ll see how creative I can get then!


2 thoughts on “State of the Stash

  1. I love it. When you think about it, the women that quilted years ago didn’t run to the quilt store to buy fabric. They used old clothes or whatever they could find. Your quilt tops and backing are beautiful.

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