Stash Report, 2011 – Week 3

Darn, I was doing so well.  I made some borders and backing and binding, and just plain used up some fabric up. I also finished quilting a quilt, but that didn’t use up any fabric.  (Fabric for the top and backing already counted).

 And then I got asked to take on another project.  A king sized quilt.  So I bought fabric for said project.  And now I am in a net added position.   And I have added so much that it is going to take me a couple of weeks (at least) to be back into a net USED position.    So for now, I am in a Stashbuilder, not a stashbuster. 

No wonder all my sewing room drawers are filled with fabric.

Busted this Week:          6.5    
Busted year to Date:     20.75
Stashed this Week:        14      
Stashed Year to Date:  24.75 
Net Stashed for 2011:   4.00


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