Giveaway Winner!

My husband was not very excited to have the honor of choosing a winner, but he did so, after some wheedling from me.  Debbie S. of British Columbia, look for an envelope from me in your mailbox–  And thank you for reading!

On the quilting front, I got started putting a sleeve on that raffle quilt ( and then started  on that King Size quilt this week, so I may show some progress on my weekly stash report after all.  I have also taken one quilt off the frame and started to put another one on. 

As of today, finally the snow has melted.  Since we had several inches of snow and then freezing rain on top of it, it melted in a very weird way–the snow underneath melting or compacting leaving a “skin” of ice.  In the picure look at the handrail–you see the skin on top and then you can see right through the center area.   It was really pretty to look at, but finally, finally, all the snow and ice has disappeared. 

On my mystery quilt group (, I have posted Clue 1 which are the cutting instructions for “The Maltese Star”.  I give my patterns whatever names strike my fancy, so there is no relationship to any other pattern you might see with the same name.  One time I named a mystery pattern after my dog, and another time after the pattern in the fabric that I made the sample from.  It keeps people guessing.

Hope you all are getting lots of quilting done!


One thought on “Giveaway Winner!

  1. You are listed as a no-reply blogger so I couldn’t return your email. Yup, I am teaching at retreat again. This year will be the pincushion class again since it filled up so fast last year. And also a wool applique journal cover with pockets and bookmarks, etc. Are you?

    Didn’t know you were blogging. Good to see you are. I don’t care if anyone reads mine or not. I do it for me!

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