First [Monthly?] Giveaway

Happy Saturday!  While looking for something in my sewing room, I found this great pattern that I bought.  I was going to make it for my daughter, but alas, she was a little too old when I brought it home.  So then I thought it should be OUT of my sewing room so that I wouldn’t have to dig past it next time I was looking for something.  I thought about selling it on ebay, but I know everyone loves a giveaway.  I know, it’s not a longarm, embroidery machine, or even a GO! cutter, but let’s give it a try.

The pattern is Dragons from  It is brand, new, never opened, and guaranteed to delight the young knights and princesses among us.

  Finished quilt measures 38 x 50.  If you would like to receive this pattern, please leave a comment telling me about the child (or child-like person) who you would enjoy making this quilt for.  My husband will be the sole judge of the winner.  I’ll tell him about this later.  And since he doesn’t know he will be doing this, I can’t give you any idea of what he’ll be judging on.  All I can tell you is that my daughter describes his sense of humor as “awkward”.  Fitting, since he is married to me…… 

All entries must be in by 5 p.m. on Monday, January 17th.
Good luck and happy quilting!


9 thoughts on “First [Monthly?] Giveaway

  1. This would be for my 5 yr. old grandson, Noah. He absolutely loves, loves, loves, dragons. I also would be making your husband happy. If he’s anything like mine, he lights up like a candle when I give something away. My husband always tells my oldest daughter if she brings the truck, he’ll help her load it!

  2. The dragon pattern is cute, cute! I would be making this for my grandson. He is three years old. I have raised him since he was 4 mos. old when my oldest daughter joined the Army and left him in my care. A beautiful, precocious little boy, he runs around the house with cardboard tubes or plastic swords pretending to defend his aunt and uncles…my three other children who are still at home. He is absolutely the most loved little boy ever and the light of all our lives! His mom recently returned home, injured (disabled) while in the military. He has just left us to live with his mom. It hurts not having him here with us every day…he is like my own. Now he needs a quilt to wrap up in from his granny. This move is going to be a big adjustment for him.

  3. I would make this quilt for Sammy – my BF’s 2 year old grandson. Would you believe there are 6 quilting buddies who run around together and the grandbaby only got one quilt when he was born? We all thought grandma would make the little guy a quilt and how many baby quilts does one baby need?

    But dragons and wizards would be perfect – even if I “don’t applique” — This past Halloween grandma searched for a dragon costume. He was the cutest thing. Sammy really needs this quilt. An a 2 year old — ok 3 or 4, maybe 5 year old by the time I get it finished — isn’t going to notice I used fusible applique on his Dragon quilt.

  4. I don’t want this pattern have the same one unfinished and the boy I was going to make it for has grown beyond dragons now. I should do like you are and give it away or make it for project Linus.

  5. Well if you start it now you may have it done in time for when you are a Grandma…
    don’t laugh it happens faster than you think :0)

    Happy sewing……a quiltvillechat friend,

  6. What an adorable pattern. I have eight grandsons and another grandchild on the way. I would love to do this pattern as I am really into using my scraps and making applique quilts with them. Any one of my grandsons would love this quilt.


  7. What a delightful pattern. I would use the various elements to applique on quilts to give to Project Linus or for small prayer quilts to a local church. Even adults are charmed by dragons.

  8. My grand daughter is in that inbetween age when they love to play with babydolls and play cops and robbers with her twin brother, and trying to wear makeup and get all girly looking. She is tired of being called a boy but is still a tomboy at heart. Her 2 older sisters, her mom and I are trying to make her into a little princess. Maybe this would help her believe in herself as she quilts and sews along with me.

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