I Know There’s More!

Only two people joined my gadget challenge and I appreciate their participation. However, I am opening this up. I want more participants. I know there are not just THREE people out there who have lots of rulers, dies, templates, special feet, gizmos, doohickeys, and whatnots. C’mon! Just use those things you couldn’t live without!

The rules are pretty simple:
1. Take stock. Pick out the ones you want to use.
2. You don’t have to use them in a specific order. You may replace a tool on your list if you find another tool you have laying about that you want to try. BUT, you may not put a new tool (one that you just bought) on the list. I confess I have bought one new one this year. But just one….so far.
3. Each month make something. The goal is a 12″ (12.5″ unfinished) block. If that doesn’t work for you, making something else (bigger or smaller block, purse, pillow, dog blanket whatever). What you do with the block later is up to you. (Back of quilt?)
4. Post a picture in our Flickr group  http://www.flickr.com/groups/1915861@N23/

I will draw winners (at least at year end, perhaps other times too) from the Flickr group.

Post script:  Forgot to add that once you use a gadget, that’s it for the challenge.  Use it all you want, but it only counts once.  🙂



5 thoughts on “I Know There’s More!

  1. Posted my pictures, and put a note on my Facebook page with a link to your great challenge Nancy. I am finding this very worthwhile. Thanks so much!

  2. My new “gadgets” this year are the easy angle ruler and companion angle ruler that I am using to make Bonnie Hunter’s Orca Bay (no longer) a mystery quilt! I am very busy with customer quilting and JOB and family and have limited sewing time right now. I have 21 of the houglass blocks so far that are made with the easy angle ruler (step 1) and 5 string blocks (step 2). I have a long way to go before i have all the pieces made and am I’m ready to make a block!

  3. I started following your blog b/c of your gadget challenge. I thought it very clever. But I’ve not started in on using my own gadgets yet. Just wanted to let you know!

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