UFO Reckoning-Amendment

I just realized that in my sewing room I also have two quilts of valor to quilt for someone else.  Now, I didn’t make the tops.  Nor will I finish the tops–that is, I will not be adding the binding and labels.  When I make QOV myself, I make the top, quilt it, bind it, etc.  myself-such as the quilt on the right that I just completed.  But sometimes I just quilt them for others.  So I ask you, quilters, are the QOVs in my sewing rooms UFOs?

I am kind of thinking yes.  That is, I have promised to do quilting work on them, so therefore they are awaiting my hands to complete them.

So that brings my UFO count to 7.  Still a very small amount of UFOs, but I am trying to honestly take stock of what I have done and need to do.  Now, one more thing. Is 7 enough UFOs to join the UFO challenge at Patchwork Times?


2 thoughts on “UFO Reckoning-Amendment

  1. I’m torn between saying yes and no. I too quilt QOV for others AND myself. They are on my UFO list when they are mine, but since I have so many UFO’s already myself (45 at least), I do not count them as part of my UFO list.
    Hope this helps you make a decision. With so little UFO list, you could count them and it wouldn’t even bring you up to 10!!! I’m so envious. Maybe in a few more years I’ll be where you are. I started with 150+ about 5 years ago, so I am making some progress. 🙂

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