2011 UFO Reckoning; 2012 UFO Listing

Of my 2011 UFO list, I completed (in one form or another), TEN of the twelve projects.  For 2012, I am listing all my UFOs:

1.  Alligator quilt (from 2011 list)
2.  Hawaiian pillow (from 2011 list)
3.  Horse quilt (circa 2007)
4.  String quilt (started 2011)
5.  Orca Bay (started late 2011)

Believe it or not, this is the sum total of my UFOs.   I have some fabric “collections” that I bought to do things with, but in my book, it doesn’t become a UFO until you cut something, so any other patterns, books, fat quarter collections I may have are not started.  The reason that I do that is that some of those “collections” have been raided having just the right color or pattern for another project.  In some cases, I have a pattern and have used all the fabric for something else.  In no way could you call that a UFO.  So, to me, a sensible rule is to wait until you have it started to call it a UFO.

How about you?  Have you taken stock?  Do you feel like it helps your productivity, or not?


3 thoughts on “2011 UFO Reckoning; 2012 UFO Listing

  1. I’m with you! I was taught that a UFO had to be “started” before it could be “unfinished”! So all my UFO’s have been at the very least cut out in preparation to start a project.

    I’ve been working on my UFO list this morning actually, and I wish I could say I only had five! But I am seriously considering letting a few go to friends who want them or to quilting yard sales, etc., rather than hang out in my UFO closet forever. If it doesn’t still give me a thrill of creative energy when I see it on that list, then it is out of here! Otherwise, I know I will never find the time to get to it because it just doesn’t inspire me anymore. I’m thinking that will cut down on my list considerably 🙂

  2. Oh I know that Judy’s challenge helped me with my UFO pile. I wouldn’t have finished up my 3 UFO’s. And on others I made decisions about how I was going to complete them. So I’m happy to do it again this year. Good luck and have fun working on your quilts. I’ll be cheering you on!

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