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013012 I have been dong a lot lately, although I haven’t been blogging about it.  Mostly work, where there has been lots to do and lots of new stuff to learn.  But in the evenings and on weekends, I have done a little other creative stuff.  My daughter loves hedgehogs and is currently on hedgehog number 3.  So for her I made two hedgehog potholders.  The rickrack on the left hedgehog was curling under quit a bit.  I straightened it out before sending to her.  They are kind of  cute, but I need to improve them a little bit.  I was not 100% happy with the results.  It was from a pattern I bought at the LQS.

The other pictures is one of those clothesline baskets.  You may not be able to tell from the picture, but it’s oval-shaped, I put the big disc with buttons on it on the front to cover where I went from one color to another.  There doesn’t seem to be a good way to do that.  And the handles were made by leaving an opening between courses.  I took this as a class and enjoyed making my little basket.  It is big enough to be usable.  Not quite big enough to lay two cans of soda side by side in it.  Which of course is a nice size for many things–scissors, phones, etc.

Hope you have been doing something fun with your time!


De-Stashing, October, 2014



This month has been singularly horrible as far as accumulation is concerned.  I bought about 6 yards to make a quilt top at retreat (right), but then was gifted some (to make some backs for upcoming charity quilts), and won some as a door prize.  I threw myself into making a bunch of quilt backings and as of now have almost used up all the excess stash that came in.

De-Stashed this Month: 18.00
De-Stashed year to Date: 91.25
Stashed this Month:  20
Stashed Year to Date: 44.25

Net De-Stashed for 2013: 37.00<<Goal for 2014: Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Getting Ready for Retreat

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Each fall I head off for retreat.  I teach the mystery quilt class and have for 5 out of the last 6 years.  I do a little presentation as detective Sam Spade and present my mystery at the end of retreat.  It is always great fun.  I also run an online mystery quilt which originally was established for Quilts of Valor, but not it is just for military charities.  A few years ago I was castigated for not doing things exactly the right way (I didn’t think it necessary to make a pillow case, if you must know) and I parted ways with the organization.  I started Mystery #34 on that group last week.

I spent most of my weekend getting ready for retreat, as I don’t want to have to do it ALL on Thursday night.  I have a full week of work Monday-Friday this week, quilt meeting, volunteer night, and I jut don’t think I’ll have time to do it at the last minute.

How was your weekend.

You Were Wrong!


Recently I asked you all if I should add beading to my alligator quilt.  NO ONE said that I should leave it unbeaded.  However, after I bought the beads and laid them out and argued with my husband and looked at it and fretted over it, I decided that the quilt wasn’t about beads.  It was primitive, and meant to be primitive.  So I left it primitive.

I skipped the beads and sent it in unbeaded.  And it won SECOND PLACE in the innovative category of the Pennsylvania National Quilt Expo!

I was thrilled to have my quilt accepted, so you can imagine how over the moon I was to hear I won a ribbon.  And I must admit, that I sent it in without even knowing their was prize money to boot, so yeah….I was thrilled again to hear that there was a little sumpin’ sumpin’ coming in an envelope to me, too!

And then one more thing to absolutely make me into just ridiculously thrilled–a friend from guild emailed me that she just happened to be at the show and saw my quilt.  It just made it all extra special.

So…one terrific experience, and I do appreciate the time everyone took to comment and vote.  Although I didn’t take your advice this time, I have before on other polls.  And this time was a little different.  I am very “in tune” with that piece, I think, and I just knew what it needed to be.

I am thinking maybe a Great Northwestern Kangaroo….or Elephant.  Thoughts?

De-Stashing September, 2014

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September was a lot about the quilt show again  :(
But I did make a baby quilt for the a coworker.  I might make it to 50 yards, but will have to use about 3. 5 yards per month!

De-Stashed this Month: 5.00
De-Stashed year to Date: 73.25
Stashed this Month:  0
Stashed Year to Date: 34.25

Net De-Stashed for 2013: 39.00<<Goal for 2014: Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

The Judging is Complete


Each year I serve as a scribe and help with the quilt judging.  Quilt shows and judging always makes me a bit maudlin.  I am cognizant of what quality quilting is, sometimes I think  I just don’t have the time to do it anymore.  I don’t hand applique and plan the quilt designs and take things out and fix them as much.  More often I am doing quick quilting rather than quality quilting.  Since I am no longer doing it right, I wonder if I should scale back on my hobby.  Perhaps it would be best if I sell my longarm and reduce the amount of quilting “stuff” in my household.  I have tons and tons of rulers for piecing, pantos, and longarm rulers.  And yet, I guess I don’t take the time to do things as well as I should.  I guess I need to decide who I am quilting for.

De-Stashing August, 2014

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In August, I was mostly preparing for our quilt show.  Quilt get turned in this week and the only “buying” I did was a 1/4 yard that I was given at the quilt show in Charlotte.  I did a binding as the only de-stashing.  Surely, I can make some progress in September!

De-Stashed this Month:               .75
De-Stashed year to Date:           68.25
Stashed this Month:                       .25
Stashed Year to Date:                 34.25

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  34.00<<Goal for 2014:  Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

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