Finishing Up

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I have been trying to tie up loose ends.  I have 2 labels left to attach to quilts for the quilt show, and a few last minute embellishments to add.  After that, I promised to quilt a quilt for the silent auction.  Right now, I have it on the frame and about halfway quilted.  The downside is that all this preparation for the quilt show is keeping me from doing any kind of piecing or any other quilting.

So don’t expect much progress on the stash reduction report next week!

Quilt Show A-Comin’ !


031002I haven’t been updating this lately.  Too many life changes going on.  My son has moved to Florida, and I have been a bit sad.  I have been quilting a couple of quilts that are promised to our guild’s quilt show in October, including “The Voices Told me to”.  I have just completed quilting and binding this monster, which contains over 3,000 half square triangles.  The title of it was a toss up between Voices and “Bane of My Existence”, but I settled on the “voices” title.  I also completed  “Twisted Kitties”.

But as of yesterday, I have finally removed the last quilt for the show from the frame, and started attaching the binding.  I will have several that are display only–but I still want them to look nice.  Kitties will be display only–it’s nothing exciting, but it’s kind of cute.  I think as I get older, my work just isn’t as good.  Having a quilt show every year also seems to deplete my creativity.

Need to get back to binding Kitties.

De-Stashing: July 2014

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Not much has gone on in July as I did a lot of work getting my son moved, getting his condo cleaned, painted, took a few days off and visited mom.  But what little I have is here:

De-Stashed this Month:               3.5
De-Stashed year to Date:           67.5
Stashed this Month:                      2.75
Stashed Year to Date:                 34.0

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  33.50<<Goal for 2014:  Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

De-Stashing: June 2014

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The majority of June I have had “The Voices” on the frame, so that has limited the amount of stash usage I have had.  Most of my usage has been for a backing, binding the Hospice quilts (Have I uploaded pictures of them?  No….soon…they are on my other computer), and finishing the Twisted Kitties top and backing.  Not a big stash usage month, but still on pace to finish 2014 well in the De-Stashing department.  My only purchase was backing for “The Voice”.  I did decide to go for a solid backing after all.

De-Stashed this Month:               7.50
De-Stashed year to Date:           64.00
Stashed this Month:                      4.00
Stashed Year to Date:                 31.25

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  32.75<<Goal for 2014:  Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Quilting the Voices



I have started quilting “The Voices” as I have come to call it. I appreciate now more than ever how tiny those silly HSTs are.  Quilting it is tedious, and after two weeks I have only managed to quilt about 1/4 of the body of the quilt.  Borders are just stabilized for now.  In fact, I haven’t decided what I will do with the borders…..

To break up the monotony of quilting the tiny terror, I stopped and took the blocks I made at quilt camp last month and assembled them into a baby quilt.  I used the Twisted Sister template to make the blocks and used a fun little cat fabric to insert faces into the blocks.  I’m calling this one “Twisted Kitties”. 002

Right now I still have about half a dozen quilts to quilt, so I hate to start new ones, but oh my I have so much fabric to use up!

Life Keeps Taking Turns


In a few days, my son will be moving to Florida. I know, such is life. He has been offered a good job and he has to go follow his future. But it struck me the other day that now I will only see my children once, maybe twice a year. If I am lucky.

So in a few days we’ll go down and help him pack up his things, clean out the condo and put it up for sale. And that will be it. The nest is completely empty. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my husband broke his arm (Friday of Memorial Day weekend). He had surgery the next week and will soon have his cast off. So most likely, I will be doing a lot more of the packing up/fixing up next week. I don’t mind. I want to give my son a good send off.

But knowing I probably won’t see my kids much, if any, in the future I’m thinking of tossing out the Christmas and Easter stuff. And maybe a bunch of other stuff. It all kind of seems pointless now.

The Voices


031And I have something to report.  I have finished piecing a top.  A long time ago I started making little bitty blocks from all the cutoffs I had leftover from making flying geese and other blocks where you cut off the leftover after sewing on a triangle.  I trimmed them up into 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 inch blocks.

One day a little voice in my head told me that I had enough I should do something with them.  So I made the little bitty blocks.  I kept making them and making them and then I added some pinwheels.  Then I made some more for a border around the bigger blocks.  A week or so ago in quilt camp I had 64 bigger blocks made and then when I got home I laid them out and sewed them into rows.  This takes quite some time because, as you can tell, there are a few points to try to match.  People were telling me I was insane.  So the working title of this quilt top became “The Voices Told Me To”.

It is 72 x 72 and contains 3,016 half square triangles.  So that’s 6,032 triangles in it. That’s 18,096 points.  One of the points is perfect. Good luck finding it.

BUT! except for the borders of cream batik, it is all cut off of yardage that was counted, so only the border counts toward de-stashing.  Now I need to make a backing for it.  It is almost tempting to buy a wide backing.  But, I’ll think about it  :)

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