I (Think I) Win the Scrappy Challenge!

003Early in 2014, Judy L at Patchwork Times issued a Scrappy Challenge.  I started doing her January Challenge and by the time of her link up I had made 30 blocks.  If you find her January link up, you can see mine there.  I put a red in the center of each block, but after that, I gave no thought to anything except 1)  neutral background 2) light on the rectangles around the center 3) mediums on the big triangles, and 4) darks on the smaller triangles.

So with 64 “Big T” blocks, I took my selection of blacks and added them as sashing.  The red cornerstones in the sashing is a constant fabric.  I PURCHASED the border, which is black with multi-color polka dots.  The backing is also scrappy–I used yardage, but there are 4 fabrics in it–in long stripes.  Other than the border, I purchased NOTHING for this quilt.  Which is 98 x 98.  I quilted it myself using the a panto called “Hearts a flutter” and I love the way it looks.  Here it is on my queen size bed.  There is a full row of blocks hanging off either side.

Did you do anything scrappy this year?

Still on Track

003Still keeping up with  the Grand Illusion mystery.  Because 1) there were less blocks this week and 2) because we already made the HST in Clue 1 and 3) because I have a die for cutting strips in the correct size for the corner pieces,  this clue went quickly.  I just laid out some of my blocks, bu this doesn’t look right to me at all (especially when I mentally factor in the number of each block I have).

So all I have done in this pictures is give myself–and you a better impression of how the colors will look together.  Still liking my choices.  Happy to wait and see what it finishes out to be.  Gives me something to think of at this time of year other than how much I miss the kids being at home.  Tomorrow I have to get some more house cleaning and stuff done before the kids arrive.

How about you?  Getting any sewing done?

That Took Longer Than I Thought it Would

001When I saw that Clue 3 in the Grand Illusion Mystery was just making a 2 x 4 patch with simple squares, no triangles, I thought it would be easy-peasy.  However, it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought, for a couple of reasons.  First, I have a die cutter which had been helpful in the previous clues and that saved me quite a bit of time on them.  I did not have a die to cut the strips for this clue.  And since these strips were smaller, I dug though my scrap box and came up with about 1/3 of the neutrals and blacks out of the scrap box.  (No, it didn’t make a dent!)

So secondly, since I didn’t have a die and I had many scraps, I ended up sewing many, many single squares together.  That might have seemed a bit over the top, but I didn’t have as much variety of my beiges as some of my other colors, so adding more variety to the neutrals and blacks seemed to be a good idea.  But it increased both the cutting and sewing time dramatically.  And I couldn’t even start on it ’til Saturday afternoon, since I had promised to quilt a quilt and I had to do that Saturday.

My color scheme is about as far off the reservation as I’ve seen.  It is going to be a much calmer, but darker quilt.  More earthy.  Hope I like it!

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Keeping Up: Clue 2 Done

003At this time of year, we all have commitments.  So when I decided to participate in Bonnie’s Grand Illusion Mystery, I knew I had some things to work around.  December is always a busy time at work, and then there’s other things–an HOA meeting, quilt guild board meeting, I took a quilting class, etc.  With the quilting class yesterday, I didn’t think I’d have enough time to finish Clue 2.  Yet here are Clue 1 and Clue 2 all done and stacked, semi-neatly in a project box.

Now back to other things!

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De-Stashing, November 2014

I guess I really should name this report the stashing report.  Once again, I have gone backwards.  It was black Friday at TWO local quilt shops.  At least I am still in the de-stashing positve for year to date.

De-Stashed this Month: 14.25
De-Stashed year to Date: 105.50
Stashed this Month: 15.75
Stashed Year to Date: 70

Net De-Stashed for 2013: 35.50<<Goal for 2014: Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.

Mystery Step 1 Completed

004Had a good weekend, but I am a bit down, with the kids not being able to get home for Thanksgiving.  I did manage to complete part 1 of Grand Illusion.  I still need to press the HST, but the blocks and HST are done.

Big departure color-wise, and I finally settled on an olive green batik for the constant instead of yellow.

To see more of Clue 1, visit Bonnie’s link up page.

A Touch of the Macabre- Bear Parts

001002Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.On Thanksgiving day I did some bear assembly, but for a while, the sight was a bit macabre.  Looks arms, legs, bodies, heads, hears, and a pile of baby bears.  The small bears are fleece bears for the NICU unit (See “Charli’es Unstuffed Bears” on Facebook).  The bigger ones are for Victory Junction.  I have written about them before.  I completed the two striped bears and about 20 of the little bears, which are all bagged and ready to be delivered.

I am also starting Bonnie Hunter’s latest mystery Grand Illusion.  I decided to depart from her colors.  Completely.  Oh, I’m leaving the neutrals, although mine will be no darker than cream.  I am leaving the blacks, because you just don’t get enough contrast with every color.  But for her pink, I have substituted red.  For her teal, have substitued blue.  For her green, taupe.  And the constant I was on the fence about.  I love this lovely brown fabric with the teal dots.  But on the very first clue, it seemed too dark.  And then I had this lime green.  But it seems to bright.  Or i have to go buy something.  Think I’ll go think about it some more.