Grand Illusion Top Complete; Celtic Solstice Done!

002Well, I did it.  I completed my Grand Illusion mystery.  I am fairly happy with the results.  I saw the pattern getting a bit “mushy” due to the dark colors–the blank, red, and dark blue.  So I decided to use a constant on all my cornerstones.  I  am glad I did.  There is a lot of motion in the blocks, and by adding a constant cornerstone, there is a little less in the sashing.  I think there would have been too much motion if the cornerstones were all different fabrics of blue.

When adding the inner border, I thought white wasn’t right.  I went shopping in my stash and found a brown that had “splotches” on it that ranged from a perfect match to my beige blocks  to a kind of olive-y color, which went well with my green.  I considered black, and red, but finally went with the brown.  And am I glad I did–look at the frame!  It pops the red out of the border, and you can really see where the illusion ends, without looking abrupt–like the white would have.

And on top of it, after Christmas I quilted my Celtic Solstice top and took it with me to Indiana and back and worked on the binding in the car.  Done!  Except for the label.  Which I suspect will be done sometime about quilt show time.  Wonder why……Now I’m off to find something else quilty to do.  How about you?

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De-Stashing, December 2014

I have continued to work on the Bonnie Hunter Grand Illusion Mystery. I have made it to the final clue, but due to being out of town until last night, I only had part of today to work on it. Here are 4 blocks with sashing. The rest of the blocks are made, but not pressed, sashing is made, not pressed, border is still in the units made during Clue 4.  The Grand Illusion mystery accounts for most of my fabric usage in December.  The remainder is a little more of  binding and finishing touches for other projects.

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I didn’t purchase any fabric this month, but won a basket of goodies that contained some fabric.  So there went my count.  I would have almost made my 50 yard goal had I not won.  Not that I didn’t want to win.

De-Stashed this Month: 12.50
De-Stashed year to Date: 118.00
Stashed this Month: 3.00
Stashed Year to Date: 73

Net De-Stashed for 2013: 45.00<<Goal for 2014: Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

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I Completed Clue 5

001As I said, I now have a house full of visitors, but Clue 5 was a pretty small one, so I managed to do it quickly while everyone was sleeping in.  So it didn’t take long for me to put together the few blocks that we needed for this clue.  Then my daughter and I sat down and did some arranging with them.  I’m not sure if this makes sense given the number of each units, but it does make some interesting blocks.

Still on Track

003Still keeping up with  the Grand Illusion mystery.  Because 1) there were less blocks this week and 2) because we already made the HST in Clue 1 and 3) because I have a die for cutting strips in the correct size for the corner pieces,  this clue went quickly.  I just laid out some of my blocks, bu this doesn’t look right to me at all (especially when I mentally factor in the number of each block I have).

So all I have done in this pictures is give myself–and you a better impression of how the colors will look together.  Still liking my choices.  Happy to wait and see what it finishes out to be.  Gives me something to think of at this time of year other than how much I miss the kids being at home.  Tomorrow I have to get some more house cleaning and stuff done before the kids arrive.

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How about you?  Getting any sewing done?

That Took Longer Than I Thought it Would

001When I saw that Clue 3 in the Grand Illusion Mystery was just making a 2 x 4 patch with simple squares, no triangles, I thought it would be easy-peasy.  However, it ended up taking a lot longer than I thought, for a couple of reasons.  First, I have a die cutter which had been helpful in the previous clues and that saved me quite a bit of time on them.  I did not have a die to cut the strips for this clue.  And since these strips were smaller, I dug though my scrap box and came up with about 1/3 of the neutrals and blacks out of the scrap box.  (No, it didn’t make a dent!)

So secondly, since I didn’t have a die and I had many scraps, I ended up sewing many, many single squares together.  That might have seemed a bit over the top, but I didn’t have as much variety of my beiges as some of my other colors, so adding more variety to the neutrals and blacks seemed to be a good idea.  But it increased both the cutting and sewing time dramatically.  And I couldn’t even start on it ’til Saturday afternoon, since I had promised to quilt a quilt and I had to do that Saturday.

My color scheme is about as far off the reservation as I’ve seen.  It is going to be a much calmer, but darker quilt.  More earthy.  Hope I like it!

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Keeping Up: Clue 2 Done

003At this time of year, we all have commitments.  So when I decided to participate in Bonnie’s Grand Illusion Mystery, I knew I had some things to work around.  December is always a busy time at work, and then there’s other things–an HOA meeting, quilt guild board meeting, I took a quilting class, etc.  With the quilting class yesterday, I didn’t think I’d have enough time to finish Clue 2.  Yet here are Clue 1 and Clue 2 all done and stacked, semi-neatly in a project box.

Now back to other things!

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Mystery Step 1 Completed

004Had a good weekend, but I am a bit down, with the kids not being able to get home for Thanksgiving.  I did manage to complete part 1 of Grand Illusion.  I still need to press the HST, but the blocks and HST are done.

Big departure color-wise, and I finally settled on an olive green batik for the constant instead of yellow.

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