Losing the Holiday Weight

This might seem to be a little early. But really it is a little late. I made a decision a few weeks ago to lose the Holiday Weight. I’m not talking about the holidays, but about my dog Holiday, who passed away in February.

I had been eating badly and didn’t have my best friend for my daily walks. So I’m off on a culinary adventure. The refrigerator is stocked with fruits and vegetables, the pantry with oatmeal and brown rice and multigrain this and that.

And I have a new walking companion. I fostered a few dogs this year, but the last one is now my dog. Pixie is 6 years old, and has not had a happy life. You can tell a dog that had been hit or kicked–they randomly cower in fear when their mind thinks the blow is coming. But generally, Pixie is a happy dog. She had to undergo heartworm treatment, but now is feeling much better and she shows the same pure, unadulterated joy as Holiday did when I get out the leash for a walk.

So hopefully, I will lose the Holiday weight by the end of the holidays. Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Losing the Holiday Weight

  1. Good for you!!! No doubt about it, Holiday was loved, and missed. I hope you have many pleasant walks with Pixie. We adopted an old Rottie and had hoped she would like to go out for daily walks. She was afraid of the road noise, so we could only walk her in the yard. She is approaching the final days at 17 and neither my hubby or I can afford the extra weight, so we need to head out to the road without her. Blessings on your new companion.

  2. You’ve been on a long, difficult journey, and I’m so glad to hear that you’ve reached this point. I hope that Pixie will bring you much joy, as you also show her the love and care that she needs.
    Wishing you Christmas joy, peace and hope, and blessings in the new year!

  3. We adopted a retired weight pulling champion (Alaskan Malamute) back in March. 12 days later we found out he had heartworm (only a 0-1 on the scale of 1-5, thank goodness). Hubby was planning on taking him on lots of hikes and such (can’t do that while being treated for heartworm, as you know). He is doing great now, thank goodness. Hope you new dog learns to trust you. It’s hard after they have been mistreated. Good luck getting healthy and slender.

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