Simple Destashing


Sometimes, destashing is simple.  I was reorganizing my sewing room (smelling salts, please.  And found these panels.  Actually, the one on the right was a panel and a backing.  I cut the backing into strips to make a border–so it’s now a little bit bigger baby quilt and pretty much fit the panel that I used for the backing.  Then I pulled out another fabric to add for the binding.  Yes, I have a little bit of that border fabric left, but I think I will make some of the Victory Junction Bears.  I made about 20 last year, and there should be enough of the cute animal fabric to make at least 2 bears, using the checkered flag fabric for arms and legs.
I figure this little pull from my closet used about 2 1/2 yards of fabric. Incidentally, I originally purchased this fabric to make a quilt for the local women’s shelter. And that’s exactly where it will be going–just a couple of years later than I first intended.  Done anything to clean out your stash lately?


One thought on “Simple Destashing

  1. I’ve been trying to de-stash also. After sewing practically non stop for quilts of valor for 10 years I really needed a change. I had tops that I hadn’t quilted and blocks I hadn’t set, and they were calling to me. So I donated about 2/3 of my red white and blue and started on those unfinished items. Last year I had 5 quilts to donate to the local womens shelter in addition to the 10 for Quilts of Valor. This year I’ve made two for qrandchildren and 2 more for the shelter and another is on the frame. I’m trying to use from my stash. After all. We can’t take it with us.

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