I Completed Clue 5

001As I said, I now have a house full of visitors, but Clue 5 was a pretty small one, so I managed to do it quickly while everyone was sleeping in.  So it didn’t take long for me to put together the few blocks that we needed for this clue.  Then my daughter and I sat down and did some arranging with them.  I’m not sure if this makes sense given the number of each units, but it does make some interesting blocks.


7 thoughts on “I Completed Clue 5

  1. looking good Nancy,
    we are keeping on task pretty good now. Let’s see who can finish first once the final clue is in. We are off to the races. LOL
    I know it’s not a race but the last challenge seemed to work.

  2. I’ve been trying to avoid trying to figure out how it all goes together. I’m excited about the big reveal but I know that there will still be so much sewing after that. I like your block-play. Thanks for sharing!

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