You Were Wrong!

Recently I asked you all if I should add beading to my alligator quilt.  NO ONE said that I should leave it unbeaded.  However, after I bought the beads and laid them out and argued with my husband and looked at it and fretted over it, I decided that the quilt wasn’t about beads.  It was primitive, and meant to be primitive.  So I left it primitive.

I skipped the beads and sent it in unbeaded.  And it won SECOND PLACE in the innovative category of the Pennsylvania National Quilt Expo!

I was thrilled to have my quilt accepted, so you can imagine how over the moon I was to hear I won a ribbon.  And I must admit, that I sent it in without even knowing their was prize money to boot, so yeah….I was thrilled again to hear that there was a little sumpin’ sumpin’ coming in an envelope to me, too!

And then one more thing to absolutely make me into just ridiculously thrilled–a friend from guild emailed me that she just happened to be at the show and saw my quilt.  It just made it all extra special.

So…one terrific experience, and I do appreciate the time everyone took to comment and vote.  Although I didn’t take your advice this time, I have before on other polls.  And this time was a little different.  I am very “in tune” with that piece, I think, and I just knew what it needed to be.

I am thinking maybe a Great Northwestern Kangaroo….or Elephant.  Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “You Were Wrong!

  1. Congratulations!! Great job at the Quilt Show. Close to me, but I didn’t get to go and see it. I think you are always right to go with your gut. It’s your ‘baby’ for sure, and you know what your own baby needs!!
    I am one of your dedicated military mystery quilters!

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