The Judging is Complete

Each year I serve as a scribe and help with the quilt judging.  Quilt shows and judging always makes me a bit maudlin.  I am cognizant of what quality quilting is, sometimes I think  I just don’t have the time to do it anymore.  I don’t hand applique and plan the quilt designs and take things out and fix them as much.  More often I am doing quick quilting rather than quality quilting.  Since I am no longer doing it right, I wonder if I should scale back on my hobby.  Perhaps it would be best if I sell my longarm and reduce the amount of quilting “stuff” in my household.  I have tons and tons of rulers for piecing, pantos, and longarm rulers.  And yet, I guess I don’t take the time to do things as well as I should.  I guess I need to decide who I am quilting for.


3 thoughts on “The Judging is Complete

  1. while you are doing your thinking, a suggestion. maybe you are quilting for yourself. i don’t qult for shows. i quilted my stuff my way and if they wanted it in a show, okay. figured maybe something would inspire someone else. we don’t have to be everythng to everyone just because we have the equipment. do the part that pleases you. enjoy the inspiration of others.

  2. Sometimes I do ‘quick’ quilting, and other times I do quality quilting. My quick quilting is still really nice, but, I don’t do machine quilting, other than straight line quilting. I’d use a long arm if I had one (no money for one). I have a friend who has a mid-arm, but, is scared of it and won’t use it.
    Figure out what is best for YOU. Take your time, and make the right decision for you.

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