Life Keeps Taking Turns

In a few days, my son will be moving to Florida. I know, such is life. He has been offered a good job and he has to go follow his future. But it struck me the other day that now I will only see my children once, maybe twice a year. If I am lucky.

So in a few days we’ll go down and help him pack up his things, clean out the condo and put it up for sale. And that will be it. The nest is completely empty. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, my husband broke his arm (Friday of Memorial Day weekend). He had surgery the next week and will soon have his cast off. So most likely, I will be doing a lot more of the packing up/fixing up next week. I don’t mind. I want to give my son a good send off.

But knowing I probably won’t see my kids much, if any, in the future I’m thinking of tossing out the Christmas and Easter stuff. And maybe a bunch of other stuff. It all kind of seems pointless now.


3 thoughts on “Life Keeps Taking Turns

  1. don’t toss everything yet. I know the empty nest is difficult to take right now… but give it some time…. I’m sure they will be back…. and holidays are usually the times when kids return,,,, and they’ll want the holiday traditions to continue.

  2. I understand. My youngest son is now in Alaska. I’ve never had my boys where I couldn’t drive in a day or two to see them. I have the oldest back home, but, that won’t last for much longer, either.

  3. I totally understand what you are saying. You always think you will have your kids near you, but then sometimes they just seem to pull the rug right out from under you…My daughter, who is an only child moved far from home to. It took me a long time to get over it & I find holidays are the hardest. Every year I push myself to decorate. The one thing that has helped me is to keep busy with my sewing. I keep hoping one day they will move back this way, but don’t think there is much chance of that happening. I hope you will be able your son more than once or twice a year…

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