De-Stashing: May 2014

024003My sewing room is mostly back together after adding a door and closet.  It does make the room slightly smaller–but then again, as you can see with the stairway there, some of that room wasn’t usable anyway.  It also makes the loft into a bedroom, which means one more bedroom in the house when we some day sell.

I finished quilting my row by row  and bound it.  However, that got me nowhere for yardage. I did purchase a bit of fabric, primarily to help me catch up and finish some projects that are “in progress”.   Several borders and backings in there, which adds a lot of yardage used.  The good news is that now that my sewing room is all moved back into my sewing room, I have quickly been making progress and hopefully should have some finishes to announce soon.

Note:  I know I don’t do it the same way as everyone else, but to me it is “used” when it is committed (cut and sewn), so all the backings with committed fabric are sewn and ready to be put on the frame before I count it as used.

De-Stashed this Month:              14.50
De-Stashed year to Date:           56.50
Stashed this Month:                      5.00
Stashed Year to Date:                 27.25

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  29.25<<Goal for 2014:  Greater than 50 yards De-stashed>>>
Additionally, I want to limit my purchases to no more than 5 yards per month.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


4 thoughts on “De-Stashing: May 2014

  1. You’re doing well on your destashing! Who cares how you count it if you’re consistent? I hate the thought of moving all my sewing things, but it would probably be good for me.

  2. Smart move to add the door and closet. You just added lots of value to your home, and also gave yourself some privacy in your sewing area.

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