Quilting and the “L” Shaped Mow

This morning I was mowing the lawn.  I had figured that was going to be my job for most of the summer since my husband has been recovering from his back issues–and heaven forbid he did anything to make it worse.  Friday, he had the foresight to break his arm, as his back has been getting a lot better, and that really makes it difficult to get out of mowing.   And may I add that if your ladder is situated in a way that you cannot reach what you are working on, MOVE it!  Do not lean!

But, as I mowed away, I pondered the relationship between mowing and quilting.  On many quilts, I have done sashing and cornerstones around the blocks.  When I do this, I typically dislike doing a row of blocks, then a row of sashing+cornerstones, then a row of blocks (lather, rinse, repeat).  My solution to this has always been to attach the blocks to the left and upper side of the blocks–an “L” Shaped corner on the blocks.  After I have completed all the rows, I put them together, just adding the bottom and right row of sashing.  It doesn’t eliminate any sewing, but I like doing it that way.

And as I mowed, I realized I have somewhat adopted the technique to mowing.  Ah, you were wondering how I was going to link them together, weren’t you?  Well, after I do one cut all the way around the yard  to “edge”, I then pick the longest two sides of the yard and mow, turn down the next longest side, then turn back the way I came, mowing only the two longest sides.  Of course I didn’t always do the two longest sides in an “L” shape.  Many times, I’ve mowed the yard going round and round into a smaller and smaller square–or rectangle–and I find I spend a lot of extra steps on each turn.  I think I end up turning less by doing the “L”.

So there’s three tips:  move your ladder, sew your sashing to your blocks before assembling, and mow in an “L” shape.



3 thoughts on “Quilting and the “L” Shaped Mow

  1. I dislike mowing, too. Thank goodness I don’t have to do it very often. I always liked to mow around the edges, and work my way in to the middle. It just kept getting smaller and smaller.

  2. I actually enjoy mowing – just can’t do it any more…..
    I like your sashing / cornerstone tip – I’m going to give it a try! It may also eliminate the stretching that sometimes happens when you’re sewing a long sashing / cornerstone strip onto a quilt

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