Sewing Room Havoc

001One thing my sewing room doesn’t have is a door.  We are going to remedy that next week, so I had to move a bunch of stuff out of my sewing room.  This is my guest room that has a twin size bed.  On it you can see four tubs.  That is my entire stash.  All of it,  every bit, except a small bin of strings.  Anyway, I figure it is still hundreds of yards of fabric (and I hope my husband never sees this post).  Way more than I will ever need, and yet not nearly as much as many of my friends have.

How about you?  Could you fit your entire stash into 4 bins on a twin size bed and have room left over?


8 thoughts on “Sewing Room Havoc

  1. I probably got 20 totes of fabric and then 3 smaller ones of scraps.. I will never live long enough to use all of it .. but I love pretty fabric.

  2. I think I probably need a dormitory of twin beds to hold my stash! It definitely would not fit into the space yours does. I need 2-3 lifetimes to use it all.

  3. I THINK I could if we were only talking yardage, but just never let him know the costs of my books, rulers and other items. And never let him know that 4th machine belongs to me and is not “borrowed” from some mysterious friend.

  4. You are doing so much better than I am. Nope mine could not fit in that. My patriotic fabric would probably go in two. To my credit I used about 12 yards of 45 inch backing for quilt backs this week. Unfortunetly when I was in the store I bought a bolt for backing for the next quilts I needed it for. When I was acquiring my stash I didn’t think about my need for backings. However I am making a scrappy quilt soon and I plan to use a bunch of white and off white to make the backing for it.

  5. Most of my stash (hear the most part) is in bins, stacked 4 bins high in the basement. I have at least 8+ stacks of those bins, just on one side. More stash is in bag, stacked on top of the bins, and, in baskets and bags and more bins on the other side. That is just what is in the basement. We won’t even start on what is upstairs (not nearly as much, but, growing all the time). I bought 15+ yards last week, on a shop hop. All of that is for planned projects (I did take a list and stuck with the list). Thank goodness hubby doesn’t complain, since he has camping stuff, and other hobby stuff to rival mine.

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