Super Sew Sunday

001This really hasn’t been a great weekend. My husband worked yesterday and again today–some big computer project they are working on.  Yesterday while he was at work, I made a few of the Victory Junction bears.  Yes, you’ve seen bears from me before…they apparently are breeding under my supervision.

Today I decided to make some more of those scrappy blocks.  I had only made 30, and people urged me to make a bigger quilt from them.  So here I go .  I now have all the pieces cut out to make 34 more blocks.  So I can have 8 x 8 rows (or 72 x 72) before sashing and/or borders.  I’m thinking I should make the entire top–and back if I can–from my stash.  That’s roughly about 14  yards from stash, which would make a really good start to this year.

I also have several tops up in my sewing room that need quilting.  I really need to get on that, but I am feeling so uninspired lately.  I am uninspired, out of practice, and I find it so hard to do anything and be happy with it when I see everyone else’s computerized quilting.  Mine seems…..lackluster.  I know, the answer is to computerize the longarm, but I don’t have the money for a hobby, and I don’t have the time for a business.  And so, I am stuck.   But in the meantime, I do have the inspiration to make some blocks, so I will continue with them.

Hope your Super Sew Sunday is going well, too!


4 thoughts on “Super Sew Sunday

  1. I belong to a yahoo group for the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen and this very topic is being discussed lately. As a sit down machine quilter, there is no way we can computerize our machines. As we look at the quilts in the books and shows and on blogs we start to feel a bit inadequate, but we cannot compare ourselves to those machines. We are human and humans make mistakes. I don’t even own the stitch regulator for my machine and you can tell that a real person did the quilting. There are two professionals that really inspire me in my quilting because neither one uses a computerized machine: Dyan guidinski (sp?) and Cindy Needham. I don’t want to do the tight micro quilting that they do, I just want to have the nice even stitches. Hang in there! You will become inspired again!

  2. The only computerized quilting I do is blogging. I use mainly vintage, straight stitch machines, and I draw up my quilts by hand on graph paper. Most of my quilting is either by hand or just straight lines with the machine. Don’t worry about what others do, just have fun doing what you do. Think of all the stunning quilts that were made with just a needle and thread, no machines, no cool tools.

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