Celtic Solstice Top is Done

003On the first, Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville posted her “big reveal” for Celtic Solstice.  I didn’t notice it til later that evening.  I had spent the morning sewing up the last of my units. My daughter was still visiting until the 3rd, so then I wasn’t able to get back to it until Friday night.

And again, I decided to complicate my life by agreeing to foster another dog, who arrived yesterday.  Actually, I had to drive a little over an hour (each way) to pick him up.  So at this time, I finally got back upstairs to the sewing room to convert all those little 3 1/2 inch pieces into a top.  And here it is!  Whoo!  I like my color choices, although I wish my pinks had been a hair darker.  other than that, I like it overall.  What do you think?

Now I need to finish up some of the things that I have NOT been getting done while working on this!


10 thoughts on “Celtic Solstice Top is Done

  1. You did a great job not only with the color choice placement but your “points” are where they are supposed to be. I am afraid mine would have been altered a bit 🙂

  2. It’s beautiful! I love to see other colors for Bonnie’s quilts. I am not usually brave enough to alter my colors much. I wish I would have for this one. I was going to and then chickened out at the last minute!

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