Making New Year’s Resolutions – 2014

New Year’s Resolutions suck.  They are a mistake.  As soon as you utter the resolutions, they are gone.  You make long-term goals and you can’t make them in the first couple of weeks, so you give up.  We’ve all done it.  One year I was very successful at resolutions, and this year, I think I’m going to try the same (or at least similar) method.  Here is what I did:

Made a list of my overarching goals for the year.  There should only be 2 or 3.  Like lose 10 pounds, Grow in my marriage, etc., Keep the house cleaner

Then each week, I set myself 2 or 3 small resolutions for the week.  You must have more than one.  So that if you don’t make one of the resolutions, you don’t feel like a total failure.  These resolutions should fit within the annual resolutions.  So for example, if I have the goals above, then this week my resolutions will be (and keeping in mind that I will normally be doing my resolutions on Sunday and this is Wednesday, so this is a short week.

1. Maintain or lose weight for the remaining week.
2. Do something for my husband that he doesn’t expect.
3. Clear the computer desk.

I need to get a date book to write these in–yet another resolution to work on!  My quilting/sewing resolutions will be a whole subset of resolutions.  And probably each week I will have little resolution of “find an hour to sew”.  Whatever it takes to keep me moving in the right direction.


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