De-Stashing: December 2013

Considering how much time I spent working in December and traveling for family things, I’m amazed I show any usage at all.  In fact, we still have company in residence.

I do have to credit the Quiltville mystery for most of the usage.  A few other blocks of things I’m doing here and there.  I think I will continue my monthly reports rather than weekly.  I just hated the weeks when I shoed nothing, and with months, it makes me feel like I have done more.  Next year, my goal will be greater than 50 yards destashed.  Stretch goal will be 60 yards.  If I meet that during the year, I’ll up my stretch goal.

De-Stashed this Month:           8.25
De-Stashed year to Date:       129.50
Stashed this Month:                  6.00
Stashed Year to Date:             70.50

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  59.00<<Goal for 2013:  Greater than 25 yards De-stashed>>>

I did not make it to my “stretch” goal of 60 yards.  But oh, so close.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


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