Celtic Solstice

007I wasn’t going to do another Bonne Hunter mystery this year, but a friend of mine got me started.   So here are my first two clues of Celtic Solstice.  I was not excited by her color choices, so made my own (teal instead of blue, pink instead of orange, and orange-red instead of green). The picture does not show all the chevrons,  although they are now done.  I also took the time to match up the fabrics (pairing) on the points of the stars and opposite sides of the chevrons.  That may turn out to be a mistake later, but I am not very concerned about it at present, because if I don’t like it, I have a local charity all picked out for the final piece.  If I do like it, I’ll just make another quilt for them.


4 thoughts on “Celtic Solstice

  1. I love that you chose different colors and look forward to seeing how different your Celtic Solstice quilt will turn out. I was not brave enough to choose different colors.

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