Not Quite a Tuffet

001 002The tuffet craze has been sweeping our area of the country.  I have seen round ones and square ones.  Most seem to be in batiks or other bright fabrics.   I haven’t made one yet, but really needed a foot stool for working.  It just is so much more comfortable to have something to put your feet on while working at the computer all day.’

With the help of my husband, I made this turtle-style foot stool.  To make the shape I got a heavy duty industrial cardboard core.  A friend of my husband’s sells them.  They are like wood–this one was an inch thick.   Most of the ones made in classes that I have seen offered have a pretty high material cost (like $70 for the class–not including the fabric you use for the cover).  I figure that the costs would be half or less than that for my herringbone foot stool.

The foot stool is about a foot high, and I pieced the top using some olive-y green based fabrics on a muslin backing.  Most were Australian or batik fabrics.  I used a herringbone string piecing method.

I think it came out pretty nice, but I wonder if the feet should be a little taller.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Not Quite a Tuffet

  1. I like the shape of it. It’s not one I’ve seen before. I also like the neutral colors. As for the height, I say go for whatever is most comfortable for your feet. That’s what’s most important!

  2. I have a stool that is probably 8″ off the ground and everyone loves it. When in my recliner I rarely put my feet above the first setting either, make another just taller and depending on the day and your desire you can swap out.

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