Trying New Things, Tatting

005This week, in the spirit of trying new things, I also signed up for my first ever class from Craftsy.  I have have completed only four of the lessons on shuttle tatting,  I always wanted to learn, tried to pick it up on my own, which didn’t happen, and couldn’t find anyone to teach me.  So here was the next best thing.

I got through the first few lessons and here is some of what I did.  The first piece is actually missing.  It was a jumble of knots, so I cut it off and started over.  I saw the vacuum cleaner gobble it up the other day.  The top piece there is what I did during the class to follow along.  It was not too bad until I got that weird knot in it.  Once again, I cut it off.  The bottom piece is just a practice piece only.  I just practiced doing double stitches and picots.  I tried to keep them all pretty even.  That was the entire purpose of my practice.  I think it turned out pretty well. Anyway, I’m trying new things, maybe I’ll get the hang of it by Christmas

I plan to share some of my other pieces as I finish them.


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