Trying New Things

001While I was at my annual quilting retreat last month I picked up a pattern with some fat quarters to make a little bag–the pattern is this Bollywood Bag .  I must admit to a lot of frustration with this pattern instructions.  For starters, she shows a two-fabric bag, yet in the cutting instructions, she just tells you what size pieces to cut and you have to intuit where those pieces will go to make the two-toned effect.  I got it wrong on both my first and second attempts.  Not that my bag was ugly mind you, it just wasn’t what I thought I was making.  I also didn’t like her handle construction (not a fan of raw edges), so I had to disregard that and make my own.  The strap is also way too long for anyone under five foot six.

I also had some measurement issues.  She says at one point to fold over a piece and tells you what the resulting measurement will be.  However, there is no way, short of origami, to fold that piece and result in a piece measuring that.   That’s where I started to go crazy.   In the final construction, both the back and inside piece were too long and I had to whack off half an inch when trimming the seam.  And there is also another diagram where it refers to pieces (always by their size, which I admit annoys me) and it specifies a piece size that is not in the cutting instructions.  So I took the next closest one that hadn’t been specified elsehwere.

I did email her and gave her the details so that she could fix her pattern, but  I probably wasn’t very nice.  But at the time there wasn’t enough chocolate in the world to talk me down off that ledge!   So, sorry about that!  Anyway, it’s a cute pattern, and if you cut the sizes in the pattern, and don’t try to be too literal, you will be able to make a bag.   Or come up with your own little pattern.

Next post, I’ll talk about my first Craftsy class, ever!


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