De-Stashing: September-October 2013

I have been the less than faithful blogger this year.  I have pretty much caught every virus that came my way, my mom has been sick, I have had to make emergency trips here and there.  And I just haven’t felt much like writing.  I have been whittling away a little at my stash.  I did almost nothing in September.  1.5 yards is all I used there.  It is included in the report below.  If I promise to “try” to do better, will that help?

De-Stashed this Month:          7.50
De-Stashed year to Date:       109.75
Stashed this Month:                 6.00
Stashed Year to Date:             64.50

Net De-Stashed for 2013:  45.25<<Goal for 2013:  Greater than 25 yards De-stashed>>>

Ok, can I still make it to 60 yards?  That’s my “stretch goal” for the year.  I’ll still try, but it’s looking “iffy”.

For more stash reports, visit Patchwork Times.


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