Little Bitty Blocks

001Well, my foster puppy got adopted.  My dog was a little worse the wear for the puppy’s visit.  She had a growth on her neck that I had actually been talking with the vet about removing.  The puppy nicked it, and it would not heal up, so full speed ahead on the removal.  And due to the location of it, she had to be put under. So for the last week, I have actually located my sewing room again.  Yes, there it is, right where I left it.

In my sewing room, I had left a bunch of half square triangles. I have been sewing them up into these blocks.  Which measure 4.5 inches unfinished (4 inches finished).  Right now, I have approximately 130 blocks.  At their size, not really enough to do much with!  Maybe if I do a medallion.  But what’s in the center of that medallion?  I don’t know.

I must be totally insane.

And of course, since these were already made and set aside, they do not count toward stash usage at all.  And you may have been noticing I forgot my  stash report at the beginning of this month.  Yes, that was the puppy thing.

Anyway, now that I have actually FOUND my sewing room, maybe you can look forward to some more interesting posts!  What are you working on?


6 thoughts on “Little Bitty Blocks

  1. I’ve been collecting lots of ‘spare’ hst’s from projects lately. I don’t have nearly enough to start something with them. I like yours. A medalion quilt is fun!

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