Back from Vacation

041Right after Labor day, we took a short (4 day) vacation.  In keeping with the bucket list idea, we have knocked a couple off our list.  A couple of years ago it was Niagara Falls (my list).  This year, the Grand Canyon (my husband’s list).  We’ve already been to Europe, Alaska, and Hawaii.  I would love to see the great pyramids, but I won’t go to Egypt now.  And maybe not ever.  My husband actually went for work a few years back.  So I probably will never go.

Actually, we got back a week ago today.  But as with all returns from vacations, there is so much to do.  Cleaning, lawn mowing, laundry.  And we got home early enough to get the dogs before they close on Sunday–but that meant we had to give them a bath ourselves (typically I spring for the “exit bath”).  And my big guy, Carter, does not care for baths.  So basically, up at 4 in the morning, travel all day, and home to a new world of chores.

Because we were up early, we also went to bed early, and then Monday…back to work.  A full week of that, quilt guild meeting, my volunteer shift at the hospital, and then yesterday, judging for the Quilt Guild show.  Yeah, the last week just went by in a blur.

As I mentioned judging for the quilt show was yesterday.  Our show isn’t until October and I hate that judging is so far in advance (had to drop the quilt off before vacation).  No quilt is at its best when put in a stack for a couple of weeks.  I had better stop myself right now on the subject of quilt shows.  As it happens I need to get the rest of those chores finished.  What have you been doing?


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