Return from Camp

rowbyrowI spent Friday through noon, Sunday at Quilt Camp in South Carolina. Just a group of a couple dozen friends who have a nice get together at the beach. This year the weather was picture perfect and we had a super moon at night.  The first thing we did was work on a quilt for the husband of one of our group who had recently passed.  The rest of the weekend I worked on borders fro my row-by-row quilt. Row-by-row is a row robin where you start with one row and friends attach another row….repeated until each person attach rows, then returned to the owner to add borders or whatever.  I did the row-by row with my North Carolina guild.

I have finished the borders, but had not yet made the cornerstones or attached them….perhaps this week.

I also worked on a small lap quilt for the local women’s shelter.  Top completed.  Pictures to come soon.

Two of my friends were working on my Gettysburg pattern.  Others were working on everything from sundresses, bags, knitting, and all manner and variety of quilts.  I loved getting to see my friends again!  It was a great weekend.  Now back to the salt mines.


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