The Reluctant Poster

That’s me.  Lately I have been reluctant to post anything.  Feeling like I’m not working on anything much, or that there’s not much going on in my life.  My daughter has been here this last week.  It is difficult for her to get a break in her schedule, as she is now doing her internship, but we are glad to see her.  And since we live about an hour from her undergraduate college (we lived 3 hours away, but moved 4 hours from there, and are now an hour in the other direction–weird, huh?), she has been catching up with old friends and professors.  It has been a good visit.  She will be going back next week.

In the meantime I have been going through an especially busy time at work–which started to slowdown mid last week (yay!) and next week I am off to my annual quilt camp.  Funny how going off to that I do a lot of sewing in preparation. As I have looked through projects to pack up and take, I realize that some of them I could do a little more on, or I could try something, so sit down and mess with it.  I also had a bunch of Quilts of Valor that were given to me to quilt.  I have quilted them in preparation so I can pass them on to my friends in SCQOV.  Even though I’m not in South Carolina, I still quilt some quilts for them from time to time.  Not as many as I used to.  The distance does make a difference.

I have been playing with some string piecing up in my sewing room and planning on making a dust cover for my sewing machine.  I’ll work on it some more tomorrow and perhaps post a few pictures.  What are you working on?


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