Bonus: In Full Bloom

005004The big excitement for me this week is that my husband found my keys!  They were missing for three weeks and I had given them up as lost.  We even had his car rekeyed because we were left with only a single key.  They were behind the entry hall table–they had fallen behind and were sitting on a trim board.

This weekend my flowering cherry trees also went into full bloom.  They look so lovely that the one of my neighbors–who I always seen out working on his yard–commented how jealous he was.  So let’s just preserve that a moment longer… a few days the green leaves will overtake the delicate pinkish-white blooms and they will not be half so pretty.  Although they will cast a lovely shade on my lawn.

Also over the weekend, I pulled out the scraps/wastage from a mystery quilt I am authoring.  Now, most of my quilts have some wastage, but this was quite a bit more than others, so I kept all of it back and made a crib quilt with it.  There are 56 windmill blocks in the center–I had to make an extra 4, and I had to make a few extra HST for the split diamond border.  Then I added the inner white border, the red strip in the split diamonds, and the corner blocks.  And most of this was done from cutting scrap pieces from the original quilt cutting.  The finished bonus quilt is about 37 x 43, which makes a nice crib quilt.  The mystery quilt that “caused” it is about 66 x 74.  So two nice quilts out of one set of instructions.

For right now my mom is in a rehab working on her mobility so she can be more comfortable when she returns home.  Although she’s had some rough patches, she is doing better at the moment.  Hope you had some sunshine and quilting at your home, too.



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