Life Sure has Taken a Turn

003 004First off, the giveaway winner for my 250th post was Lynda from Color Me Quilted.  I actually sent her TWO fat quarter packs. They are very springy, which I thought was apt.  Lynda did notify me that she received them.

Second, I have been continuing making my bears.  I have made seven of them now and I believe that is where I will stop for this spring.  I liked the variety of colors I have been able to make.  Once I changed the instructions on how the head was attached, it went quite quickly.

I have been working on piecing my next mystery quilt for Mystery Quilts for Military, and have quilted 4 quilts of valor plus a quilt for another quilter.  I have gotten a lot of quilting done

On the less fun side, mom has not been well and was in the hospital this last week and will be having surgery this next week.  I am planning on travelling up to stay with her for a couple of weeks, so my blog may be less than informational.



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