Easy Street Mystery: Top Complete

009A week or so ago (again, speaks to my schedule issues), I finished the Quiltville mystery “Easy Street” top.  After I had finished the main portion of the top and uploaded a picture, it was pointed out to me that I had some of those four patches turned wrong.  So I started finding them, marking them, and then fixing them.  There were FOURTEEN four squares turned wrong.  I fixed FIFTEEN.  Yes, I sewed one of them back in exactly the same way I took it out.

Finally after a few evenings of righting blocks, I got around to adding two borders.  Yes,there’s a lot of green in this quilt. A few of the oranges are too bright.  Most of my violet purles are too light next to the oranges.  But there it is, finished anyway.  Now someday I’ll get around to quilting it.  But it won’t be too long.  I don’t want to keep building the UFO pile.

How about you, did you finish anything in January that you want to crow about?



6 thoughts on “Easy Street Mystery: Top Complete

  1. Amazing how we don’t notice a block turned wrong until we see the picture. I think you are being to hard on your self about the colors though. I have a granddaughter who would love this quilt. Try looking at this in late Feb when you are so tired of winter and want some color to show outside. Especially those first purple and yellow and orange crocus.
    Looking forward to the next mystery.

  2. I actually really like the colors from the picture you’ve shown. A lot of the Easy Street mysteries I’ve seen remind me of Halloween, but not yours! Very pretty!

  3. I’m normally not an orange person, but your Easy Street reminds me of Orange Sherbert…and I love orange sherbert floats!

  4. Very pretty and well worth the work you have done. I think we have all sewn a block we were correcting back in the wrong way. Hate it when I do that.

  5. Your Easy Street looks great. What is the finished size of your quilt and what size did you make your borders? I like the proportions that you used. My top is pieced and sitting in the cupboard waiting for me to finish it.
    ~June in AZ

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