Reckoning #3 Stash Report and Life

Last year I tracked my stash report weekly.  My goal was to stay roughly where i was.  So I said plus or minus 25 yards.  As accurately as I can calculate, I finished up using about 8 yards more than I took in.  This year, I pretty much want to make a bigger dent, so I have set a goal of minus 25 yards or more.  And for reconciliation, I will only report monthly.  A lot easier.

What have I been doing the last two weeks?  Well, last weekend was my son’s birthday, so we drove down to see him.  And at my work there have been several things that have distracted from my life:  layoffs, some team reorganizations, job changes, and an unexpected death of a colleage.  The last two weeks at work have been the most disheartening for me in the 15 years I have worked there.

I have also come up with the pattern for a new mystery quilt, I laid it out in EQ and absolutely loved it.  Then my favorite desinging laptop died.  😦  Took it in yesterday and got the diagnosis.  I should not have been surprised.  I bought it refurbished.  Six years ago.  It really is amazing it was still working.  The battery still held a charge, and everything worked great.  Until the day it declined to boot up.  So I am working from a screen shot I made of the pattern.  There is one unit in the quilt that has been baffling me.  There are several ways to assemble that unit (including templates and paper piecing), but knowing that I have many “newbies” following my instructions, I want to keep it simple to explain.  Friday I came up with an idea and tested it yesterday, and wrote up the instructions and sent them to my pattern testers for comments.  Once I have their comments, I should be able to proceed with finishing the instructions for that mystery.  I also found a long lost mystery that I never completed…the instructions written, but when I had others test it, there was  a part they couldn’t follow.  I could rewrite that.   Also found another design where the directions would be relatively simple, but I had put it aside while we were moving.  So I have three mysteries that area in various stages of being written.

Hope the last couple of weeks have been productive and stress free foryou!


3 thoughts on “Reckoning #3 Stash Report and Life

  1. Ugh! It’s frustrating when your laptop dies. Mine did last year, but I’ve never gotten more than 2 or 3 years from one. Glad you had a screen shot of your latest design. I’m in the process of quilting up mystery 26 and just love this pattern. It’s so gorgeous! I hope things improve at work for you!

  2. Isn’t it great when the creative juices are flowing and the ideas come togather. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with. At the moment I’m binding 4 quilts I received last week and then I have two quilts cut out and ready to sew from your last mystery. I hope to decrease my own stash this year, but was low on blues and reds, so bought about 8 yards total last week at a sale.

  3. Nancy,
    Sorry about your laptop. The learning curve on the new operating systems is always the worst!! Wish they came with a “smart stick” we could insert in us!! Anyway, glad to hear there will be more mysteries shortly. I am addicted to them and make most of yours, all going to the deserving military. Thanks for keeping me “paced”. Sorry about your coworker. Hope work improves soon.

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