The Way it Goes

I have not been posting in two weeks.  I was trying for several times a week, but that just wasn’t working.  Family time, illnesses, busy at work, and then the computer…….well, it was elsewhere for a few days while it rehabilitated.  Why does it seem that my computer seems to get massive viral infections at the holidays?  I don’t know, but it happened last Christmas/New Year’s and this year on Thanksgiving…. To top it off, my back up computer actually had an infection so bad that it would not boot up.  And I don’t use my work computer for updating my blog.  So, stalemate.

And to top it off, of course, we had family here for Thanksgiving.  At work, the busiest times for me are probably Nov-January.  I also have my mystery going on at  I also have had – or still have, wo ear infections  (yes, both ears–or it wouldn’t make sense, now would it?).

Quilting time?  Not really so much.  I do have a quilt on the frame that has probably been there a month.  The last row I quilted must be removed.  018And I have removed about 1/3 of the quilting.  I have just lost the will to remove it all at once.

I did start on Bonnie Hunter’s latest mystery Easy Street.   And here is a picture of my steps 1 & 2.  At the time the picture was taken I had only completed sewing about 2/3 of step 2.  My other two colors are gold and orange.




2 thoughts on “The Way it Goes

  1. Hi Nancy. I’m having a good time with your new mystery. Usually I try to sew three tops for your mystery’s and actually cut three out. But after doing that I put the brakes on and told myself that I needed to slow down. I was trying to cope with a nasty old fashioned cold that hung on and then took another week after it lifted to start getting my voice back. .This wasn’t the sniffles, it was the real deal.

    So I’ve scaled back to doing one top now and finishing the others after the first of the year. I wanted to have time for other things too. Like hand quilting the double wedding ring quilt that that’s been on my frame for several months. Handquilting is a good stress reliever and helps me to relax.

    When I look back at the times I’ve gotten very sick it’s usually because I was trying to do too much meeting other peoples expectations instead of what I needed to do for myself.

    I’m sorry about those double ear infections. I had that last year and I know how painful it is. I hope you feel better soon.

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